Professor Penguin: Past

In music, a repeat offender is the kind of person that person that gets fixated on one track. Most likely, that track is just one on an entire album of good songs. Repeat offenders are dangerous people and their taste should not always be trusted because of their natural proclivity to obsess and become hopelessly biased.

Nevertheless, this morning I became a repeat offender while listening to Past from the band Professor Penguin. Previously, I have written about the band and you can find those articles here. However, today while washing the morning's dishes I was revisiting the album and got struck by this rather simple tune in a way that never happened before. 

Read on to find out what about Past got me all hot and bothered. Then leave us a comment on the board about a song which has hung you up before. We love to hear from the readers and it's been far too long since we had a chat.

Professor Penguin: Past


Remembering Levon Helm and MCA Adam Yauch

As anyone reading this almost definitely knows, Levon Helm and Adam Yauch recently died. I like The Band and The Beastie Boys, but I'm not one to fully assess either artist's lives or cultural impact or anything too big picture. Instead, I want to share a little about how they each affected me and my listening experiences and also learn what they meant to all of you.


Jonny Corndawg: Chevy Beretta

Jonny Corndawg has his first music video out from his newest album Down On the Bikini Line. The video is a montage of found photographs and videos which have been compiled and arranged by Sean Dunne and Kathy Gatto. I think the found object approach to this music video is both inventive and appropriate. Jonny's music has a sort of nostalgic feeling to it and being privy to someone else's memories in conjunction with this great song makes for a fun video. Also, what I enjoy is the inherant absurdity in these photographs. I find a new favorite each time I watch, but there is a ridiculous mother and son cigarette bonding photo that probably takes my cake. Hit up the Holler Back! feature and let me know which photo you liked the best.

If you're a daytrotter person, Jonny also just released a new episode with Futurebirds as the backing band. Check that out here. You can also get more Corndawg on Facebook and Twitter.


Top 5 Albums of 2011 So Far

It's July and we have officially reached the half way point of 2011. As it seems the thing to do, I too have been looking back at my new albums from this year and I have to say, it's been a great start to the year! With this in mind I would like to present my list for the Top 5 albums of 2011 So Far.

This is also a Holler Back! feature so blowup the feedback box and let me know what you think of my selections and what your picks for the year in progress would be as well. As always, we love to hear from the Dig Nation so hook it up.


Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Spring has Officially sprung in Baltimore and it has brought back with it not only my usual feelings of optimism for the Orioles, but also a question which has consumed my entire life.

What song would I come to bat to if I were a professional baseball player?

The way I see it, if the right song was blaring across the speakers of a packed stadium while I made my way from the dugout to the batters box, my life would be a never ending stream of walk off home runs and cheering fans.

Today's Holler Back! feature presents a few of my ever changing answers to this question and hopefully gives you food for thought and room for some feedback.

Play ball. 


Some Thoughts on LCD Soundsystem

With LCD Soundsystem playing their final show tonight and all of the coverage on the band in the past days, weeks, and months, it felt appropriate for me as a music blogger to write something. But I quickly realized I'm much less interested in what I have to say than what all of you do. Time for a Holler Back!