Digcast Episode 2: Jonny Corndawg

The other day my brother in arms Steve broke TWD into the podcast world with the premier episode of the digcast and his Weekly Roundup. We are all very excited about growing our little corner of the blogosphere into a full fledged podcast, and today I throw my hat into the ring with an interview with country singer Jonny Corndawg.

In the interview we talk about his first two albums, I'm Not Ready to Be A Daddy and Down On the Bikini Line, touring, songwriting, and his new project Dad Country in which he is accompanied by Dawes – Corndawes! This project is still available for financial support via kickstarter if you feel so inclined to help our man out after listening to him discuss the project in our interview. Simply click on the link for Dad Country and Jonny will lead you the rest of the way.

Jonny can also be reached via his TwitterFacebookTumblr, and Webpage for all your Corndawg concerns. The Digcast is available for FREE download via Itunes here. Enough of my jabberin' – let's get to the Digcast!


John Cage Sonata V

Bobby Mitchell performs John Cage's (1912-1992) Sonata V for prepared piano from Cage's Sonatas and Interludes (1946-1948) The video was shot by Katy Mitchell. Short of 4'33'', Sonatas and Interludes was one of John Cages premier compositions. In total it is a collection of 20 short pieces for prepared piano which are noted for their improvisational and dance influences. In the performance notes he indicates that he expects the set up time for the preparation to take up to three hours, but he also remarks that "…if you enjoy playing the Sonatas and Interludes then do it so that it seems right to you". 

Seeing the piece performed from this perspective is awesome. I think that it makes clear to the audience the music, the technique, and intent of the composition in a way that wouldn't necessarily communicate from the stage alone. This particular selection from the Sonatas and Interludes is super groovy and I can't imagine not finding joy in this performance every time I heard it. You dig?


Episodes in Virtuosity: John Williams & John Etheridge

In 2006 Sony released an album of two John's – Williams and Etheridge. The former is the legendary classical virtuoso and the latter is an exemplary jazz guitarist. The album's content is a hodgepodge of classical, jazz, world, and a few visits to the places between. The mixing of their own musical languages sounds effortless and having seen them perform I know it can look that way too. These two are marvelously talented and bring their artistry together with an audible joy for the work. 

I listened to this album a lot when it was first released and I've recently found cause to go back and listen again. It's been a refreshing and fortifying revisit and I am happy that I am still moved to smile by this music. This is a guitar players album with a little something for everyone. Taste, technique, tact, and attack, the John's did it right with their album Places Between.

John Williams & John Etheridge: Places Between