John Cage Sonata V

Bobby Mitchell performs John Cage's (1912-1992) Sonata V for prepared piano from Cage's Sonatas and Interludes (1946-1948) The video was shot by Katy Mitchell. Short of 4'33'', Sonatas and Interludes was one of John Cages premier compositions. In total it is a collection of 20 short pieces for prepared piano which are noted for their improvisational and dance influences. In the performance notes he indicates that he expects the set up time for the preparation to take up to three hours, but he also remarks that "…if you enjoy playing the Sonatas and Interludes then do it so that it seems right to you". 

Seeing the piece performed from this perspective is awesome. I think that it makes clear to the audience the music, the technique, and intent of the composition in a way that wouldn't necessarily communicate from the stage alone. This particular selection from the Sonatas and Interludes is super groovy and I can't imagine not finding joy in this performance every time I heard it. You dig?