Jonny Corndawg in NYC

Friend of the Dig Jonny Corndawg (have you heard Dave's interview with the man? Click here if not and here for the rest of our Jonny links) kicks off his August tour tomorrow in NYC, and we couldn't be more excited. Read on for show info, tour links for our readers outside the city, and even details on an after party!


The Ballroom Thieves: Loose Lips

The Ballroom Thieves is a Boston based trio that has been quietly amassing their reputation for two years now. Their members are Martin Earley (Guitar/Vocals) Devin Mauch (Percussion/Vocals) and Rachel Gawell (Cello/Vocals). Furthering the excitement of the folk music reawakening, the Ballroom Thieves bring riotous vocal harmonies alongside compelling songwriting and sterling musical talent to their debut five song EP The Devil & The Deep.

This tasty video is a live performance of their song Loose Lips and was shot while cruising the Block Island harbor.  Read on for the band's full information as well as the studio version of the song from their bandcamp page.


Matthew Meyer – G Ode

This one may be a little inside for all you non-New Yorkers, or even non Brooklyn & Queens residents, but as a regular commuter on the G train, the Brooklyn Brewery's "Brooklyn, Sweden" contest has caught my attention. Challenging musicians to capture the G in song, Brooklyn Brewery is offering a trip to Sweden for the entry receiving the most votes.

I encourage you all to check out "G Ode" by Greenpoint resident and talented musician Matthew Meyer. It's a catchy, well-written song with big hooks making the very funny and relatable lyrics sneak up on you. The video was shot "on location" and does a good job of providing insight into what is like relying on the often frustrating but always necessary G. You can watch his song and vote here – please note that you do have to log in to Facebook.

Matthew is a friend of the Dig. I had conducted an interview with him earlier this year that will be making an appearance on the site soon, so you can look forward to more great music and a good discussion in the very near future.


Rayvon Browne: Companion

With one part Nina Simone and one part Brooklyn counter-culture, Rayvon Browne's newest EP Companion strikes the perfect balance between post-postmodern and traditional pop music. 

Released to tape cassette on May 18, 2012 on Basement Floods Records, Companion boasts a slew of musicians on guitar, ukulele, keys, mandolin, melodica, flute, percussion, and voice all collaborating to bring music together that is wholly unique to it's time and place. At the center of this enterprise is Morgan Heringer and Cal Folger Day

Read on for my full thoughts on this engaging unconventional EP. 


The Bad Plus with Joshua Redman

The Bad Plus recently released a video of a live performance with guest Joshua Redman on tenor sax. The song is an original of theirs entitled People Like You and the concert was from July 21st at The Queen's Hall in Edinburgh. The song's title is a wonderful example of how enunciation can dramatically change the context of the phrase. For example: People Like You, or People Like You, or People Like You. This means that the song's title is open to interpretation, and in this sense it leaves the emotional impact of the song up for grabs as well. 

Read on for further thoughts about the performance as well as information regarding next The Bad Plus performance in NYC on August 2nd at Damrosch Park where they will perform Igor Stravinsky's seminal work The Rite Of Spring



I'm on vacation this week, but there's really no such thing as a break from good music. I hope you all dig on these latest songs and videos I've rounded up here.


Ichiro's Theme: Ben Gibbard

Today's big news in Baseball related music blogging is that the Seatle Mariner's face of the franchise Ichiro Suzuki was traded to the New York Yankees. While Ichiro may be a few years off his prime, on any given night he is still a player capable of ruining the opposing team's night with his implacable bat and unwavering defense. Although he requested a trade several weeks back after 11.5 years with the team, he also recently stated through a translator that, "When I think about taking off the Mariners uniform, I was overcome with sadness…" 

Ichiro seems like a genuinely good guy who worked hard and earned the affection of the baseball loving upper northwest portion of the country. When he wasn't devastating the Orioles pitching staff, I loved watching him play the game, and so did Death Cab for Cutie's Benjamin Gibbard since he released a song aptly titled Ichiro's Theme today in wake of the transaction. 

It's a wonderful pop homage with an irresistible hook and a contagious sing-along quality. Baseball has a way of making you feel like a kid at any age, and this song is a prime example of that feeling. If I were Ichiro I would be proud to have inspired this song, and would consider using it as my coming to bat theme. So here's to you Ichiro, for tonight at least, because I can no longer enjoy rooting for you in pin stripes. You dig?


Stephane Grapelli & Julian Bream: Nuages

The other day I was perusing this site, a diamond in the gem for jazz video resource, when I found something incredible. Nevertheless, this webpage is a YouTube channel guide which breaks down literally thousands of videos of historically significant jazz musicians by instrument and then places them in chronological order. It is a staggering work of dedication and online sleuth work, and a terrific way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Every time I visit I find something wonderful, and this time it was this video of renowned classical guitarist Julian Bream accompanying the maestro Stephane Grapelli in a performance of Nuages; a tune made so famous by Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grapelli. I could not believe that I had missed a spot in my own listening education. That it was even be possible that two of my favorite musicians from different sound universes collaborated and I didn't know it, but it did happen, and thankfully I stumbled upon this video and corrected my error.

The performance is brilliant in spite of both performers advanced age. I really dig the crispness of Grapelli's scales and the obvious joy that these two treasured musicians get from playing together. Take a moment of your day to enjoy this unique performance and then dig a little deeper by browsing more videos from this comprehensive collection of jazz videos.


Baltimore's Most Musical Weekend: ArtScape & RatScape

Break out your finest pair of jorts Baltimore because this weekend marks the start of Artscape – America's largest free outdoor arts festival. With too much to see, and too much to drink this weekend I thought I would distil down a few of the weekend's musical happenings here.

But wait there's more! 

This year is the debut of a uniquely Baltimore event called RatScape as well. Running parallel to Artscape's timeline at Hour Haus Studios RatScape will feature a nonstop concert barrage featuring 47 bands over three days.

Read on for the full listing of both events. You dig?


Denver: The Way It Is & Record Release

Denver is the new "Ramshackle All-star Country Band" featuring members of Blitzen Trapper and Alela Diane’s Wild Divine. They are currently based out of Portland OR and sound every bit as unflappable, moss covered, and drenched in booze as the city itself. The record comes out August 14th with the record release show August 18th at the Doug Fir Lounge in Portland OR.

Follow the band and their album release via Facebook and Twitter as well. You dig?

Denver: The Way It Is