The Bad Plus: Never Stop




On September 14 the jazz trio The Bad Plus celebrated their 10th year of

performingcomposing, and arranging new classics in jazz literature by releasing a studio album entitled

Never Stop

The Bad Plus – Never Stop


The Brothels – It's a Bird Game

The Brothels, Asheville,

I know it's the trendy thing to try and uncover a new band, a band that is going to be the next big deal. I'm sure many people would classify their existence as the person that brings unknown music to the masses. At least a producer or two. Anyway The Brothels are not one of those bands. This band has not made it big. The flame was just too bright and poof, like a hobo to a tire fire they were gone.

This fact does not mean they didn't create some INCREDIBLE music while that fire burned.

The Brothels – Be At Peace


in Milwaukee wating for a squall

So I have recently relocated to a new city and as a result have been doing some new things.

One is recording music. The musicianship and quality of this recording are not great, the song however is pretty fantastic, it's Waiting for a Squall by Hot Buttered Rum. Worth your time, I promise.

Waiting for a Squall – Ivan Eisenberg

Here's to you Milwaukee…

Dig it.


Jenny and Johnny



While I enjoy Rilo Kiley, I really love both of Jenny Lewis' solo albums, Rabbit Fur Coat and Acid Tongue. I was excited to learn she has some new music out, a more official collaboration with her boyfriend, singer-songwriter Jonathan Rice, who featured heavily on Acid Tongue.


Summer 2010 in Review : NXNE


Now that summer 2010 is winding down, I find myself revisiting music-related moments of the past few months. The live music highlight for me was definitely the June weekend I spent in Toronto. I went with some friends to attend the Toronto Island Concert, and we were lucky to have a chance to check out North by Northeast (NXNE) as well.