Jenny and Johnny


While I enjoy Rilo Kiley, I really love both of Jenny Lewis' solo albums, Rabbit Fur Coat and Acid Tongue. I was excited to learn she has some new music out, a more official collaboration with her boyfriend, singer-songwriter Jonathan Rice, who featured heavily on Acid Tongue. The first track from this album together is called "Scissor Runner," and it has become deeply embedded in my head. The two trade lines over an upbeat, driving guitar line, and I like the culmination to the quick shouts at the end. The song feels more instantly catchy than previous Jenny Lewis music, though I hope the new album doesn't completely distance itself from the slower ballads Jenny does so well – the girl can belt a tune, believe that. I haven't heard the rest of the album called I'm Having Fun Now. Although it has a lot to live up to based on her previous work, this track certainly has made me want to hear more. Hear for yourself:

Jenny and Johnny – Scissor Runner