One Note/One Phrase: Roy Haynes

Last night I was having dinner and listening to one of my favorite records ever – We Three from Roy Haynes. The album title refers to the fact that it is a jazz trio album featuring the enviable cast of Roy Haynes on drums, Paul Chambers on bass, and Phineas Newborn Jr. on piano.

You know an album is part of your personal solid gold all time top 5 favorite records when you can listen to it over the course of many years and still find something new to obsess over and be captivated by with each passing listen.

Last night it was Roy Haynes's curious non-playing on the album's third cut entitled Solitaire. Check it out on today's installment of One Note/One Phrase.

Roy Haynes: Solitaire


Boogie Nights

It's been awhile since I've written anything at all here and even longer since I've done a Scenes and Songs, but I'm back and ready to kick off a series looking at the superb uses of music by director Paul Thomas Anderson. Over the next three weeks (in anticipation of his sixth feature The Master), I'll highlight some of my favorite moments in his films. We're starting with the Hot Traxx of Boogie Nights.


Sons Of Daughters Kickstarter

Sons Of Daughters is a jazz trio from the Midwest comprised of members Aaron Darrell, Devin Drobka, and Patrick Breiner. Frequent readers of the Dig might remember Patrick from a concert review I recently wrote here.

These three musicians are as forward thinking, talented, and progressive as they come. However, to complete their next project they are asking for a little help via Kickstarter.

Read on for the full details of the project as well as the group's promo video. You dig?


Gigs We Dig Extravaganza Weekend

Team TWD will be in full force starting tonight in NYC for a weekend extravaganza of Gigs We Dig. The line up consists of not to be missed bands like The Bad PlusBrandt Brauer Frick EnsembleJonny Corndawg, The ExtraordinairesCahalen Morrison & Eli West, Spirit Family Reunion, and The Del McCoury Band.

Feel free to reach out to Team TWD via twitter (ThseWhoDig, DaveWhoDigs, SteveWhoDigs, & KyleWhoDigs) throughout the weekend if you're at the venues. We always love to hear from and meet the Dig Nation.

Read on for a full listing of the performances as well as some teaser audio.