Sons Of Daughters Kickstarter

Sons Of Daughters is a jazz trio from the Midwest comprised of members Aaron Darrell, Devin Drobka, and Patrick Breiner. Frequent readers of the Dig might remember Patrick from a concert review I recently wrote here. These three musicians are as forward thinking, talented, and progressive as they come. However, to complete their next project they are asking for a little help via Kickstarter.

The project is entitled "Jam Session" and it's catalyst is found in the collaborative relationship between Sons of Daughter's Patrick Breiner and his sister Bridget Breiner who is the artistic director for the Ballett im Revier in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. In their own words:

The dancers and musicians will work together in Gelsenkirchen for two weeks in October. They will explore the themes of hero/anti-hero while developing a unique improvisational language between musician and dancer. This collaboration will culminate on October 27, 2012 with the performance of the new dance piece: Jam Session.

Ballett im Revier is providing Sons Of Daughters with a modest stipend, but our travel expenses to and from Germany will not be covered. This is where you come in. We need the support of the community in order to make this dream a reality.

Check out the video below and maybe toss the artist's a few of your hard earned greenbacks to help get Son's Of Daughter's across the pond.

If you're in the Virginia, Baltimore, New York region and would like to check out these musician's first hand, Patrick and Devin will be performing as a duo on:

Aug 24th – An Die Musik. Baltimore, MD

Aug 26th – Birkfest. Baltimore, MD

Aug 26th (later) – Balliceaux. Richmond, VA

Aug 27th – Sycamore. Brooklyn, NY as part of Radio Zero Series.

Check out the group and support the arts. You dig?