The Art of the Cover

I don't like the word cover.

In any other genre, when an artist performs the music of another artist it's not a cover, it's simply a performance. You dig?

The art of the cover is a re-contextualization of a piece of music already known to the listener that is infused with the style, voice and subtlety of the new artist. I really enjoy it when artists manage to walk the line (pun intended) between genre's, and introduce fans to new music and new artists.


Listen More and Hear Less

It seems to me that our lives are perpetually assaulted by music. There is hardly a moment that passes in which you are not confronted by music via an ipod, radio, Pandora, commercials, TV shows, movie soundtracks, open car windows, co-workers, ambient background noise in restaurants/bars/shopping malls, and all other means of cultural auditory collisions. This inevitability is fact, and we rarely think about the consequences of this lifestyle.