Digcast Episode X: NYC Roundup 3

Good morning, Dig Nation! Today we are releasing Digcast Episode 10, which is the third installment of our New York City music series. I spoke to six local artists about their latest songs and what they love about our city. This episode features:

Digcast Episode X

Check out our site over the next few weeks for a feature post on each band. Also, Beat Radio, Hey Anna, and The Pine Hollows are playing the next TWD Presents showcase Friday, so if you like what you hear, come join us at Muchmore's!



Digcast IX with Colin Sorgi of the Sonar New Music Ensemble

Over the weekend I sat down with Colin Sorgi, a  superb violinist and artistic director of the Sonar New Ensemble. Sonar is Baltimore based new music ensemble that was founded in 2007 to promote modern chamber music of note that is otherwise lacking a consistent advocate in the concert hall. Our conversation centered around Sonar's upcoming concert entitled Darkness at the Baltimore Theatre Project this coming Friday, January 18th at 8:00 pm. The featured repertoire will be George Crumb's Black Angels as well as In Iij Noct. by George Friedrich Haas.

In the interview you will also hear how Sonar is expanding the normative concert program in order to showcase Baltimore's theatre talent, the work of local artist and MICA professor Trudi Ludwig-Johnson, as well as spatial disorientation of the quartet to amplify the emotional experience of the concert. Tickets are available in advance here or at the door for ten dollars. You can also find Sonar via Facebook and Twitter.

Digcast Episode IX: Sonar New Music Ensemble – Colin Sorgi Interview


Digcast Episode VIII: NYC Roundup 2

What's up, Dig Nation? It's time for Digcast Episode 8, the second installment of the New York City music podcast. The series is devoted to the music of the city where I live and features five great bands from the area. In addition to sharing their music, I spoke to each about the chosen songs as well as some things they love about NYC.

Digcast Episode VIII

Check out our site over the next few weeks for feature posts on each band. Hope you dig!


Digcast Episode VII: Mickey Free & Secret Weapon Dave

Hey Dig-nation, the episodic Digcast is back and this month's topic is Baltimore based MC Mickey Free and his co-producer Secret Weapon Dave. They have previously been featured on TWD on both Digcast Episode V and an album review for their release Last of the Tight Wiggers.

In the interview we discuss their history of collaboration, their views on being a working class artist in Baltimore, the Wire, the myriad of collaborations on their album, Flock of Dimes, as well as their plans for the future. 

Give it a listen, pick up their album for the low price of five dollars, and then spread the love. You dig?

Digcast Episode VII


Digcast Episode VI: NYC Roundup 1

I am very happy to unveil Digcast Episode 6, the first edition devoted to the music scene of New York City where I live. It features five bands from the area. In addition to sharing one of their songs, I spoke to each of them about the chosen song as well as some things they love about NYC.

The playlist of this episode is:

Digcast Episode VI

Check out our site all week for posts on each band. Hope you dig!


Digcast Episode V: April 2012 Mixtape

Digcast Episode V is out where Steve and I bring a new 8 track mixtape your way. This month we are featuring the music of:

We have previously featured most of the artists before on the Dig and look forward to continuing these relationships as we and these bands grow over time. You dig?

Digcast Episode V


Digcast Episode IV: Ronald Pearl Interview

Digcast Epsiode IV is out today and in it I interview the reknowned classical guitarist, composer, and professor Ronald Pearl. We discuss his performance history, the loss of liner notes in contemporary music, his instrument, his compositional approach, baseball, and more. Ron Pearl is an insightful, talented, and multi-dimensional musician and we are proud to have him on the podcast.

Read on to check out the full episode as well as to get the links for everything we discuss in the interview. You smartphone users out there can also download the interview via the itunes store for FREE here. You dig? 


Digcast Episode 3 – February 2012 Roundup

We have a brand new digcast for you all to enjoy. Dave and Steve share some of their favorites from the past month, a roundup of nine songs spanning the globe and several genres.

The artists and songs featured in this month's Digcast are:

Intro/Outro Music Chevy Beretta by Jonny Corndawg

Digcast Episode 3

Click to stream or download the link above, or better yet, subscribe to the Digcast on iTunes here. The itunes version comes equiped with chapter selections so that you may better navigate your way around the episode, our streaming version is simply one giant rock block of Dig.  

Thanks to all the artists for letting us share their songs and thank you for listening. Please let us know what you think and look for more digcasts soon. You dig?


Digcast Episode 2: Jonny Corndawg

The other day my brother in arms Steve broke TWD into the podcast world with the premier episode of the digcast and his Weekly Roundup. We are all very excited about growing our little corner of the blogosphere into a full fledged podcast, and today I throw my hat into the ring with an interview with country singer Jonny Corndawg.

In the interview we talk about his first two albums, I'm Not Ready to Be A Daddy and Down On the Bikini Line, touring, songwriting, and his new project Dad Country in which he is accompanied by Dawes – Corndawes! This project is still available for financial support via kickstarter if you feel so inclined to help our man out after listening to him discuss the project in our interview. Simply click on the link for Dad Country and Jonny will lead you the rest of the way.

Jonny can also be reached via his TwitterFacebookTumblr, and Webpage for all your Corndawg concerns. The Digcast is available for FREE download via Itunes here. Enough of my jabberin' – let's get to the Digcast!