Digcast Episode IV: Ronald Pearl Interview

Digcast Epsiode IV is out today and in it I interview the reknowned classical guitarist, composer, and professor Ronald Pearl. We discuss his performance history, the loss of liner notes in contemporary music, his instrument, his compositional approach, baseball, and more. Ron Pearl is an insightful, talented, and multi-dimensional musician and we are proud to have him on the podcast.

Digcast Episode IV: Ronald Pearl Interview

All episodes of the Digcast can be found on itunes here.

You can find the classical guitar duo of Ron Pearl and Julian Gray via itunes here.

We also also featured the Alturas Duo during the composition portion of the interview and used their live recording of Ron Pearl's piece The Places We Leave Behind which can be seen and heard on youtube here.

Ron Pearl's Official Webpage contain many more of his recordings and compositions which were discussed including the first three movements of Atlantic Guitar Quartet's live recordings of Ron Pearl's composition Be Not Afreard.

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