Collaborative Playlist: Baltimore to Portland Edition

The big news at Dig HQ in Baltimore is that I am all packed up and ready to relocated to Portland Oregon at the start of July. I moved to Baltimore in 2004 to attend college, then I stayed for more college, and after 9 years I found that I had adopted a pretty great dog, worked 4 years in the public school system, performed for 2 years alongside the Atlantic Guitar Quartet, and started a pretty badass music blog which I'm proud to say is also repped by Steve in NYC. With his help we have written over 1,000 articles, hosted a multitude of shows, and brought you consistent content from across the musical board. I believe Those Who Dig has a unique diversity of musical taste and I have been proud of our work since its inception back in 2010.

Here's where you come in. I am asking the Dig Nation to help me compile a playlist long enough to serve as my mixtape across America. I'll be driving zig-zag up and down and across this great big nation Dean Moriarty style for about two weeks and I want to know what songs are your favorite for a road trip like this. They can be related to a specific area of the country or just generally sweet tunes to drive to – your choice. Also if you've got a story associated with the song I'd love to hear it and share it with the readers as this playlist comes together. You can send me your submissions via our comment box below, TWD's Facebook page, or either the TWD Twitter account or me personally at DaveWhoDigs

Read on for the full article regarding this collaborative playlist project. You dig?


NZ Songs for an Alien Spaceship

As you probably know if you've been reading Those Who Dig over the past few weeks, I interviewed the seven bands that were playing the New Zealand showcase during CMJ. One thing I asked each was to give me songs for a collaborative playlist. Tonight I'm unveiling it for your listening pleasure.


Favorite Songs of 2010 – Collaborative Playlist

We are fast approaching the end of 2010, which means it is that time when everyone in the music blog community recaps their favorite songs, albums, bands, and musical moments of the year. You can expect the Dig writers to post some of our favorites over the next week or so, but today we are kicking off the "year in review" extravaganza by reaching out to you all for your picks.