Favorite Songs of 2010 – Collaborative Playlist

We are fast approaching the end of 2010, which means it is that time when everyone in the music blog community recaps their favorite songs, albums, bands, and musical moments of the year. You can expect the Dig writers to post some of our favorites over the next week or so, but today we are kicking off the "year in review" extravaganza by reaching out to you all for your picks.

That's right, it is time for a collaborative playlist! If you have not seen our first installment (songs for a road trip), this feature involves us asking you, our dear readers, for songs that you think best fit a certain theme. After a few weeks we take what you sent us, make a playlist out of it, and then post it for all to enjoy. You can check out the road trip playlist here.

Today's theme is Favorite Songs of 2010. Whether it is a song you played more than any other, or one that provided the soundtrack to a specific moment in your life this year, or something you don't think enough people have heard, or really anything else, let us know. Basically anything goes, though I would like to keep this to songs released in 2010. All you need to do is leave suggestions in the comments section below, or post on our facebook page or twitter account(s). Then, be sure to check for the compilation so you can listen to the playlist made from you and your fellow readers' feedback.

We are looking forward to your selections!