Contact Those Who Dig

Write to us about Those Who Dig, ask us questions, or heap piles of praise upon us – we love to hear from you!
Send you submissions for posts and the Weekly Roundup to any/all of the Digsters. We strongly prefer a direct link to a stream via Soundcloud, Bandcamp, or something similar versus mp3 attachments.
Steve is focused on submissions from New York City-based acts.
Dave is based in Portland, OR.
Ivan is based in Milwaukee, WI.
Kent is based in Milwaukee, WI.

Do you think you or someone you know would be perfect for an episode of The Dig Sessions? Let us know.

For acts in our cities, Dave, Steve, Ivan, and Kent are very interested in doing more interviews, putting your music on the digcast, and including you in the lineups for shows Those Who Dig puts on around the city, so get in touch. And any bands coming through NYC, Portland, or Milwaukee interested in having a conversation should contact us, too.
We definitely can’t post on everything we receive, but we try our best to listen to it all and share what we can. So don’t get discouraged and keep the good music coming. We appreciate your dedication to the art form we all love.
If you’d like to send us hard copies of your music or promotional materials, contact us directly for our addresses.