The Ballroom Thieves: Loose Lips

The Ballroom Thieves is a Boston based trio that has been quietly amassing their reputation for two years now. Their members are Martin Earley (Guitar/Vocals) Devin Mauch (Percussion/Vocals) and Rachel Gawell (Cello/Vocals). Furthering the excitement of the folk music reawakening, the Ballroom Thieves bring riotous vocal harmonies alongside compelling songwriting and sterling musical talent to their debut five song EP The Devil & The Deep.

This tasty video is a live performance of their song Loose Lips and was shot while cruising the Block Island harbor.  

Stay in touch with The Ballroom Thieves on Twitter and then follow the band mates individually: Martin Earley, Devin Mauch, & Rachel Gawell. You can also get at the band via Facebook, their official webpage, and itunes. I expect big things from this trio and consider them a not to be missed band in the next year. You dig?