Matthew Meyer – G Ode

This one may be a little inside for all you non-New Yorkers, or even non Brooklyn & Queens residents, but as a regular commuter on the G train, the Brooklyn Brewery's "Brooklyn, Sweden" contest has caught my attention. Challenging musicians to capture the G in song, Brooklyn Brewery is offering a trip to Sweden for the entry receiving the most votes.

I encourage you all to check out "G Ode" by Greenpoint resident and talented musician Matthew Meyer. It's a catchy, well-written song with big hooks that allow the very funny and relatable lyrics to sneak up on you. The video was shot "on location" and does a good job of providing insight into what is like relying on the often frustrating but always necessary G. You can watch his song and vote here – please note that you do have to log in to Facebook.

Matthew is a friend of the Dig. I had conducted an interview with him earlier this year that will be making an appearance on the site soon, so you can look forward to more of his great music and a good discussion in the very near future.