Jonny Corndawg: Chevy Beretta

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Jonny Corndawg has his first music video out from his newest album Down On the Bikini Line. The video is a montage of found photographs and videos which have been compiled and arranged by Sean Dunne and Kathy Gatto. I think the found object approach to this music video is both inventive and appropriate. Jonny's music has a sort of nostalgic feeling to it, and being privy to someone else's memories in conjunction with this great song makes for a fun video. Also, what I enjoy is the inherant absurdity in these photographs. I find a new favorite each time I watch, but there is a ridiculous mother and son cigarette bonding photo that probably takes my cake. Hit up the Holler Back! feature and let me know which photo you liked the best.

If you're a daytrotter person, Jonny also just released a new episode with Futurebirds as the backing band. Check that out here. You can also get more Corndawg on Facebook and Twitter.