Zeus – Are You Gonna Waste My Time?

Label Year is a feature in which I purchase all of the releases of a given record label for an entire calendar year and post on each one. I will also look at other significant releases from the label's past. 2011 will be devoted to Arts & Crafts out of Toronto. For more info, check out the introduction.


  • Artist: Zeus
  • Title: Are You Gonna Waste My Time?
  • Format: Digital Single
  • Release Date: 10/18/11
  • Catalog Number: ACX073

Zeus – Are You Gonna' Waste My Time? by Arts & Crafts

Here's the non-time wasting review of this track: it's awesome.

For those not into the whole brevity thing, this is our second Zeus release of the year, following the "Permanent Scar / The Darkness" 7-inch this spring. This new digital song for "Are You Gonna Waste My Time?" is a preview of their forthcoming album, due out early next year sometime. And ye gods, has it got me ever so excited to hear more. This song just rocks, plain and simple, in a timeless way. Straight into your ears like a bolt of lightning from Mount Olympus.

The opening fifteen seconds or so remind me of the Who (that right channel guitar sounds a little like the interludes of "Won't Get Fooled Again"), but mostly this track sounds like Zeus getting the Led out. "Watching the flowers grow!" rings of Robert Plant in delivery, and I can't think of a better way to describe the guitar and drumming than Zeppelin-esque. The chorus of "Are you gonna waste my time or are you gonna be mine?" is very much in line with the sentiment of many classic rock anthems. I had thought there was a vintage rock vibe to the previous 7-inch record and this song proves that those sounds were not a lark. It's a taut, energetic burner that I want to play over and over again. I'm not surprised at all that it has become a live favorite.

I'll be quite curious to listen to the new album whenever it does come out. You can purchase this track at GalleryAC or on iTunes. Might want to keep an eye on Zeus' website for further news about the album release.

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