Yellow Lady Slipper


Yellow Lady Slipper – Stay Movin'


Goddamn, I had a hard time deciding which picture to use of Yellow Lady Slipper. There are so many bitchin' choices! Anyways, I came across these lads while looking for local(ish) music and I was lucky to find them. They hail from a small town in Western PA known for it's large outlet mall so naturally they play an earnest, percussive brand of Americana-tinged indie rock. Plus, their album is available for free!

Yellow Lady Slipper operates mainly in a mid-tempo, acoustic world. Which, despite my hip hop flourishes, is generally my world of choice. They have the ability to write some songs whose meaning and nuance slowly seeps into your consciouness as you listen for the third and fourth time. They also have the ability to write immediate, stand-out gems that destroy you and build you back up again by the end of the first listen. "Stay Movin'" is certainly one of the latter. I can't get enough of that one.

The guys describe themselves as hillbillies playing swamp rock but that sort of betrays their tightness and knack for songwriting. Josh Milligan's voice is a big part of this. It's low and growly and expressive in it's inexpressiveness. That's a compliment I swear. In any case they seem like pretty genuine fellows and I look forward to meeting them when they play The Crooked I on Friday night.


Sorry, I really appreciate good band pics and I couldn't resist throwing up a few more. Don't you just want to drink PBR around a bonfire after skeet shooting at some backwoods camp with them? Maybe it's just me.

Their album Yellow Lady Slipper is available for FREE so you have no excuse not to download it, or support them by buying the CD. And for our Erie folk, go see them play at The Crooked I on Friday night!