XV – SmallVille

XV – SmallVille (Produced by J. Cole)

For as much as I love hip-hop, I'm pretty damn specific about what I like. Maybe someday I'll write a post trying to pin down the sounds and rhymes that make an artist appeal to me, but that time isn't now. Moral of the story is, XV is killing it for me, and I wish I had discovered him sooner.

XV is a kid out of the rap hot-bed of Wichita. Well, not really, he's actually the only rapper that I can name that's from Kansas. He's released 14 (!) mixtapes in advance of his debut album The Kid With The Green Backpack that's due out this year.

This track, "SmallVille", that comes to me courtesy of Sunset in the Rearview is produced by Those Who Dig favorite J. Cole and samples Billy Fucking Corgan. It's like a fusion of my high school musical interest and my current rap taste. It's a slow-burning, catchy little track with Vizzy showcasing his lyrical talents and dropping awesome Saved By The Bell references.

Listening through XV's back catalogue I found this other little gem I'll share with you cats cause I love you all so damn much.

BONUS! – XV – All For Me

Check out SitR's chat with XV and be on the look-out for his album to drop this year. Who's got two thumbs and is excited? This guy. You can also pick up his most recent mixtape, Vizzy Zone.