William Elliott Whitmore – Everything Gets Gone

It's been a minute since I've heard from our favorite banjo-slingin' blues crooner, William Elliott Whitmore. I've loved pretty much everything he's ever released and thank the southern soil gods, Whitmore has released a track from his forthcoming album, Field Songs, called "Everything Gets Gone". Take it home, William.

On "Everything Gets Gone", Whitmore is in guitar mode, as opposed to banjo mode. I'll take either mode, really. Mid-tempo ballads are really his forte, and after the slight tangent of Animals In The Dark, he's back to drawing from his farm roots and incorporating nature and working stiff imagery. These are the type of songs that really transport me.

I feel like a don't even need to mention Whitmore's voice. Well, shit, since I just did I might as well say that his bassy vocal chords have a life of their own. They're also magical time traveling machines that sneak into your eardrums and snatch your brain, transporting it to a 1924 Mississippi front porch. Whitmore is the man behind one of my best concert-going experiences ever, and let me tell you, watching him play and sing live is transcendent.

A little album teaser that makes you want to drink beer with Whitmore on his farm and watch him play banjo:


Be on the lookout July 12 for William Elliott Whitmore's new album, Field Songs on Anti Records. I'll be trying to control my excitement until the date arrives.