Wild Cub – Thunder Clatter

I know we already shared this song "Thunder Clatter" last year when it came from Keegan DeWitt, but now Keegan has formed a band called Wild Cub and released an utterly infectious live performance video that is too great not to share again.

I really dig everything about this. You can feel the energy and joy of every performer, of which there seem to be at least a dozen. I love how the live aspect is essential not only to the visuals (the girl with the shaker getting into the groove and doing little dance moves, for instance) but the sound as well. Like the part when Keegan shouts "One, two, three, four!," it all feels so alive. It also is such an audible song, and by that I mean, you easily get a sense of the its many layers. All the harmonies, all the textures of percussion. There is so much woven into what becomes a wonderful pop song. It is very easy to listen to this one over and over.

Another cool thing is that it is shot in a dynamic way. I want to be in that living room. I liked the glimpses of everyone hanging out beforehand and then seeing how they cram into the room just perform hard. I also like that it is all internally lit and that the camera seems so alive. Jonathan Demme would be proud. It very much captures the same kind of kinetic, warm spirit of individuals blending beautifully into a stronger collective that he often does. Great stuff.

You can buy the album Youth here.