What Did I Miss? or Overlooked and Avoided in 2010 : Eric & Magill


Eric & Magill – All Those I Know

Eric & Magill – Gentle, Polite


This will probably be my last post in this series of great albums I missed last year. I saw Eric & Magill's All Those I Know on several best of lists and finally picked it up. It's a lovely trip of an album.

Here's what I've gathered about Eric & Magill. There's definitely a guy named Eric in the duo. The other guy doesn't seem to be named Magill. Beyond that I don't know much about these fellas. All Those I Know is a really powerful blend of acoustic folkiness and dreamy aural landscapes. The album floats and squirms through my grip. When I feel like I'm finally starting to get a grasp on what I'm experiencing, it ends and I restart it to the same effect. It's moving stuff.

All Those I Know is available for FREE on Eric & Magill's BandCamp page so stop being lazy and click that shit.