Weekly Roundup Sep 8-14, 2013

Weekly Roundup had taken a little break, but it's back with some new tunes for you to dig. Check 'em out.

Let's start with some artists new to us. First up is Wise Girl's "Stuck in This" from the recently released You'll Just Have to Wait.

Here's the video for "Kings" by Coastgaard. The song is from their self-titled debut album.

And a new one from Rathborne, "What More." It might get stuck in your head all day. Look for the album SOFT on October 15th.

Here's the latest from some artists previously on the Dig, beginning with the new single from Old Monk, "Mages."

This video for "Just You" by Mary Alouette is cool for how we can watch the song build with looped vocals and an exciting live performance.

Another album to look for October 15th is Prominence by Heavenly Beat on Captured Tracks. The new single is pretty sublime, it's called "Honest." Also, you can go see it performed live tonight at Brooklyn Bowl. $8 tickets are available here.

Finally, from an album that is out today called MORE, we have "High Heeled Clouds" from Arp.