Weekly Roundup: Sep 4 – 10, 2011

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Here's the latest Weekly Roundup!

It's been a busy week and weekend at SteveWhoDigs HQ, and since this is already a day late, this might be on the brief side for descriptions. But it's really about the music, which is as great as usual.

Sound and the Urgency is a brand new act out of Portland. Check out this tune "White Kids." It's like the groove of the Primitive Radio Gods' hit single (Standing Outside a Broken Phonebooth…) plus the sarcastic yet catchy violent lyrics of Foster the People's hit single (Pumped Up Kicks). Sampler from self-titled debut here, the full thing is here.

White Kids by Sound and the Urgency

-The Irish band We Cut Corners will be releasing their debut album Today I Realised I Could Go Home Backwards next month. Here's a track from it, "Go Easy." It builds and builds and features a two distinct, emotive vocalists. Band's website is here.

We Cut Corners – Go Easy by Low Life Inc

-September 6th is a great day any year, in any capacity, (it's my birthday, if you didn't know) and this year is no exception within in the music world: the latest from Louisville's Nerves Junior came out, As Bright As Your Night Light. This title track promises an album you are going to want spend some time listening to intently. I dig the melody and drums. Follow the links below for album info, here's the band's facebook page.

-I know I've heard three minute pop songs at least 1,348,313 times, but that has never stopped me from liking another good one. So, I'm enjoying this catchy and clever track from Louise Burns, "Drop Names Not Bombs." Her debut album Mellow Drama also had a 9/6 release and you can stream it here. Here's her website.

-I'm going to spoil this by writing it, but if you were to stop reading, listen to this next song from Jamie N Commons, "Now Is Not the Time," guess his age based on the sound of his voice and the musical style, I feel confident you would not say 22. He's got some serious chops and very mature style that promises more good things in the future. His EP The Baron comes out in October. Facebook here.

Now Is Not The Time by Jamie N Commons

-Here's the first of two great music videos this week. This one is from Diamond Rings for a song called "You and Me." It's a celebration of being your own person at a young age. Just letting imagination and joy flow. The two leads are pretty adorable and overall, it kind of reminds of a favorite of mine "Rocket," by the Smashing Pumpkins. The song is sort of like Britt Daniel from Spoon backed by wind-up toys and has some empowering lyrics, particularly the breakdown. I dig. Website here.

-Second cool video comes from Jarrod Gorbel. It's an animated clip with a striking style for the song "Miserable Without You." It's great looking and illustrates the song's story, an interesting, humorous, and insightful dual-perspective on a relationship. The female side is sung by Nicole Atkins. Here's Jarrod's website.

Colleen Green does an awesome job of balancing punk fuzz with sweet melodies and harmonies, recalling perhaps Kim Deal in either the Pixies or the Breeders. Regardless, I think you'll get excited for Colleen's new EP Cujo (out 10/4/11) after hearing this great track "Rabid Love." And fellas, she's asking pretty nicely for you to be her baby. Think about it.

-Let's catch up with our old friends at Mostar Records. Apparently a little intra-label feud is heating up, with LickSpittle and The Future Shape of Sound releasing new singles the same day. You might wonder, who wins this fight? The answer, of course, is us, because we get to hear two great new songs. LickSpittle starts off "Superhero" with their token cool, sparse vibe, created from only snaps, a blues riff, and vocals before a big, powerful chorus kicks in, that sounds like Clark Kent shooting of the phone booth as Superman. With "TFSOS Poem," the Future Shape of Sound has written what could well be a manifesto, set to a nice mix of funky big band and hip-hop and delivered by two distinct vocalists. Sample each tune below and then go here for ways to buy.

LickSpittle – Superhero (Sampler)

The Future Shape of Sound – TFSOS Poem (Sampler)

-Finally, here's the video for the pleasant rocker "Colour" by Keegan DeWitt. It's no frills – everyone has jeans and white shirts and is simply performing in a circle. But the performance is energetic and there's no need for flash when you have such a solid tune on your hands. Here's his website.