Weekly Roundup: Sep 11 – 17, 2011

Weekly Roundup is back in its regular Sunday timeslot and ready to give you the usual quota of awesome new songs and videos. So let's do this!

Ohbijou is a Canadian band that makes music which defies easy categorization. They have a new album Metal Meets coming out 9/27, and if we can take any indication from this track "Anser," it should be quite an engrossing listen. It gives off scents of classical with the piano and strings, folk with certain vocal passages, post-rock with the dynamics building and cascading dynamics, and much more. The female voice is interesting, I can't quite tell if it's natural or if it has a little bit of a "chipmunk" effect on it. More on the band here.

-We have a more detailed write-up on the album North by Small Houses forthcoming, but as you'll see when you listen to the title track "North," it's hard to hold back from sharing at least a little bit. The album features contributions from other TWD-faves like Chris Bathgate and Hezekiah Jones, and it absolutely stands strong within that company. "North" features great instrumental performances and demonstrates the songwriting prowess of Jeremy Quentin. He's crafted a song here that is comfortable and assured, and one you can't help listening to a few times over. The album is due 10/6. Here's the band's website.

-If you still don't have your folk fix, well have we got another track for you! It's a cover of Kanye's "Lost in the World" by Chamberlin. It may not have the manic rush of the original, but it works surprisingly well in this style. In particular, the group absolutely nails the vocals, both what Kanye raps and Justin Vernon's harmonies. The conviction and earnest delivery really sells the more outrageous lyrics, such as "If we die in each other's arms, still get laid in the afterlife." This is part of an EP called Cabin Covers, which also features the band performing Cults, Foster the People, and Vampire Weekend. It comes out 9/20. Here's the band's website.

-Anything that reminds me of the music video "1979" by the Smashing Pumpkins is a good thing. Great even. So I really enjoyed this video from The Dead Trees, which finds the band performing their song "Back to LA" at a house party, just as the Pumpkins did in the "1979" video. It's an energetic performance and very well-shot. They have quite a crowd – definitely looks like a fun party! I like how it captures that feeling of being there and the immediacy. It is also a really great rock song regarless of the video. Kind of reminds me of the Love Language, just as a point of comparison. Overall, this seems like a band worth following. Here's their facebook page.

The Dead Trees – Back to LA from nick bobetsky on Vimeo.

-Another great music video comes from a band we've featured before, Folly and the Hunter. This is for a combination of two of their tracks "As I Waited" and "Traffic." You probably won't believe me when I said that this gorgeous piece was made for less than $300, but it's true! Just goes to show what you can do if you try. The songs flow well together and are really great. The video is an interesting narrative that leads to quite the colorful, balloon-filled finale. Band website here.

-A few months ago, we were enjoying a track from Toy Camera from a forthcoming EP. That EP is called Blissful Youth, and it is now available. I really like the vibe of the music, it's relaxed but immersive and nicely fuses electronic soundscapes with the voice of singer Steph Thompson. You should listen to "Your Heart" and then follow the link to get the full EP.

-It was only a few weeks ago that I shared a wonderful song by Rachael Yamagata called "Even If I Don't," but I'm coming back to it again to show you the video. Just as the song is about a relationship, so is the video…only it's between a Bunny and a Tiger. Regardless, it still captures the heartbreak of the tune perfectly. Maybe it's even more effective. Check it out. Here's her website.

-One last video for you, for a song I raved about earlier this summer: "For the One" by WATERS. The basic concept is about using a dreamcatcher backwards, which is apparently something you don't want to do. I won't say anything more, I think it heightens the surrealness of the video to go into it fresh. Check out, and be sure to pick up the album Out In the Light on Tuesday (9/20). Here's the band website.

WATERS – "For The One" from stereogum on Vimeo.

-One of my favorite artists of 2011 is e-dubble (you should be able to tell from this, this, and this). Like Frank Costanza he's so prolific! His latest tune is called "Life Coach" – something I believe the man could do pretty well, based on the message of his rhymes. He adds a pinch of Justin Vernon and a dash of B-52s to his usual recipe of intelligent, locked-in rhyming and excellent production. Everything he does has become a must-listen. If for some reason you have still not gotten the hint, PLEASE go listen to him. Do it! Go spend a few hours at his soundcloud page (link below the player) and also check out his website.

e-dubble – Life Coach by edubble