Weekly Roundup: Oct 23 – 29, 2011

Happy Halloween! This year, TWD is handing out treats in the form of new songs and videos you should check out via this latest Weekly Roundup. Enjoy!

-I'm really digging this split-screen video for the song "14" by Carrousel. It's got incredible interplay between each side of the room. Sometimes people and objects pass through, sometimes they disappear. Also, part of it was shot in reverse! Very cool. The song itself is pretty great as well, definitely has a carnivalesque pop feel that ties well to the band's name. They will be releasing an EP on 11/15. You can get a free download of "14" here. Go here for more on the band.

Miracles of Modern Science has a very cool sound that comes from the interesting combination of mandolin, violin, cello, upright bass, and drums. This band has chops but they also know how to get you dancing. Kind of like Ra Ra Riot, but even less conventional. Check out "Eating Me Alive," from their forthcoming debut album Dog Year, which will be out 12/6. You all should keep it on your radar and be sure to check out the band's website here in the meantime.

Eating Me Alive by miraclesofmodernscience

Hurricane Bells released their newest album Tides and Tales last Tuesday. It's a strong release. One of my favorite tracks is "House on Fire." I love the fuzzy bass, the mellow vocals and the propulsive drum beat and I also enjoy the little detail of beginning the track with an instrument plugging in. This has sort of a similar vibe to "A Shot in the Arm," by Wilco, a favorite song of mine. You can order the album at Invisible Brigades' bandcamp page and check out Hurricane Bells' website here.

-Here's another video I'm enjoying this week. It's for the song "What It's Like" by Lazy Lazarus. No, I don't believe there is any connection to the Everlast song of the same name. I like the aesthetics of the video, with still photographs layered over moving imagery. It is a good fit for the entrancing, sparse piano ballad of the song. There is something utterly captivating about Lady Melissa's voice and the piano figure. Sneakily powerful. And here's some exciting news: you can check out debut album Mantic for FREE at bandcamp! Do it!

"What It's Like" by Lady Lazarus [Official Music Video] from LADY LAZARUS on Vimeo.

-It's been a big year for Active Child, and I'm not just talking about the song "Playing House" making it into a Weekly Roundup in August. Besides seeming to be everywhere in the blogosphere, selling out headlining shows and getting ready to embark on a tour with M83, the album You Are All I See will be getting the deluxe treatment tomorrow (11/1) on iTunes. Damn. It's hard to believe this cut "Diamond Heart" didn't make the album the first time, but I think fans should be happy for the chance to get it now. I like the electronic drums, the chimey textures, and the harmonies are quite good, too. Here's Active Child's facebook page.

Active Child – Diamond Heart by Vagrant Records