Weekly Roundup: Nov 13 – 19, 2011

Get ready because a baker's dozen of songs and videos is coming at you in this latest Weekly Roundup!

-I hope you all aren't sick of me sharing music from New Zealand-based acts, because I have another kiwi tune for you this week. I am digging the jittery indie of singer-songwriter Tom Lark and his tune "All Night Long." (Click the link below to get his EP on a name your price basis).

-The radio may not be as popular a source for music discovery these days, but it wasn't too long ago that it had plenty of influence and even magic. "Radio" by Batwings Catwings takes a nostalgic look at this time and the notion of what might be frustrating about unlimited choice and access to music. Love how the chorus explodes on this one.

-Here's a rocking tune from Lorenzo's Music called "You Got to Feel it Tonight." Feels like it could be slotted comfortably with classic rock, with blues, and with those artists that push the boundaries of such genres – a nice mix of the straightforward and some edge. You can buy the CD of their singles on bandcamp.

01 – You Got To Feel it Tonight by Lorenzo's Music

A Scribe Amidst the Lions is the kind of band name that is either going out to stand out memorably or feel clunky and overwrought depending on the quality of their music. In my opinion, this song "Fever Rose" is good enough to point towards the former case, not the latter. Really like the opening guitar riff (reminds a little of "Fire Eye'd Boy").

Fever Rose by ascribeamidstthelions

-A Back to the Future-inspired music video? Great Scott! I am glad this song "Lines" by Said the Whale is good, because I was pretty much obligated to share such a thing no matter the quality of the music. This is quite a loving homage, they nail all the details of the film. I really dig it. And like I said, a good song, too. Be sure to check out the band's New Brighton EP.

-Here's some hip-hop for you. The song is "Rebound" by Tru Fam. I really dig the piano-driven beat. A pretty big hook of a chorus combined with some nicely flowing verses makes me wonder if this song won't be blowing up in a big way very soon. Check it out.

Tru fam Rebound master by sharneal30

-I am not sure if it is his real name, but I have no problem accepting that Dare Dukes is a fine Southern gentleman who knows how to rock the banjo and write some pretty great music. I am digging this tune of his "Meet You at the Bus." Nice horns and harmonies on it, especially the chorus. The album Thugs and China Dolls will be out in January, so enjoy this until then.

-One last song for you before we get to "catching up" with some previously featured artists. It's a nice indie-pop gem from One Finger Riot called "Work / Drink / Sleep." Kind of reminds me a bit of Ben Folds in a way. Definitely some interesting lyrics on this one. This is also from a forthcoming January 2012 release, Come Drag Me Down.

One Finger Riot – Work Drink Sleep by fanaticpro

The Soft Collapse have doubled from a duo to a four-piece since we last featured them and they have a new release titled comm,a. You should check it out. Listen to the lead track, "Solid Ground," below and then click through for more.

-Here's an striking music video from Beth Jeans Houghton and the Hooves of Destiny for the song "Lilliput." The kinetic camera work and rapid editing seem to match up with the gallop of the song, though perhaps appear more sinister than the music itself sounds. Definitely one of the more intriguing artists I've encountered in 2011. With the Hooves of Destiny in tow, things should get even bigger in 2012 when Yours Truly, Cellophane Nose is released.

Kid Savant are back with another cool, innovative music video. Last time, they dropped a bunch of stuff from an airplane and sky-dived, this time they are taking on the craziness of life. Who hasn't found themselves thinking "Slow the fuck down, world" every now and then? Certainly a relatable clip for those times when everything seems out of control. It sounds good, too.

WATERS has made a "behind the scenes / tour montage" video for the song "Back to You." It's pretty entertaining and definitely a rocking song you can't help listening to a time or ten. There are still a few days in November and December you can catch the band on tour with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Sounds like a pretty great show, doesn't it?

-We shall close things out with one last video – "Maryanne" by For All the Girls – because who doesn't like big groups of people dancing? Makes the heartbreak of the lyrics feel a little more bearable seeing everyone showing off all their moves.