Weekly Roundup May 19 – 25, 2013

How is everyone enjoying their Memorial Day weekend? Ready to add some new songs and videos to the mix? Here's the latest Weekly Roundup.

This past week on the Dig, I shared a list of hip hop songs with titles that inspired me to create fake movie plots, as inspired by the film Gimme the Loot. I also reviewed one of my absolute favorite albums of the year, Ripely Pine by Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, plus shared the newest track "Barbarians" from Escort. Dave brought back Episodes in Virtuosity with Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli's performance of Chopin's March Funebre from Piano Sonata Op. 35 No. 2.

John English is a NYC musician with a self-titled album out. I recommend the track "Duncan and Roy" for several reasons. First, it's a very catchy indie pop tune that bounces along and will have you toe tapping in no time. But the lyrics are probably the even bigger attraction. It's a song about someone who finds themselves in a life that they don't really want. It's an expert blending of something light and pleasant with something heavy and difficult and makes for quite the song.

Kendra Morris is a great singer who is releasing her second album Mockingbird on July 30th. It will all be covers, including cuts from David Bowie, Betty Lavette, and Metallica, just to name an eclectic few. It sounds like a cool project. Available for your listening pleasure right now is her rendition of "Karma Police." I'm enjoying it. Like all the best covers, it has a lot in common with the original but still provides its own little flourishes and distinctions.

Another month, another great track from Melaena Cadiz for her singles project. May's entry is called "Loose in the World." It's a more hushed affair, with a light acoustic guitar and Melaena's voice, but it's well-written and draws you in. She's doing something awesome with this creative endeavor and I encourage you to listen back on the other months. I somehow missed April's "You Get Me Bad," which is another incredible track.

Last week we shared the song "Seymour" by Old Monk. This week, we have the video for the track. It's in 8-bit video game animation and it is really cool. The diversity of scenes, whether showing the band rocking out or doing fun little representations of the song's lyrics, not to mention a whole series of film scene recreations, including several Hitchcock films and the Big Lebowski, is a good match for the energy of the music. Really cool.

The second single from Haerts has arrived and it's called "All the Days." The song has a little bit of a throwback production style, with the huge drums and the rhythm of the bass, plus the synth touches, but it also feels current and perfect for 2013. The infusion of ache into singer Nini's voice as she hits the chorus of "All the days we had together" is quite a stunning touch. It doesn't overpower, but the sentiment is there in just the right amount. Look for the debut album sometime this year.

Are you ready for a real throwback, at least in Weekly Roundup terms? We have a new track from Swedish band Le Fever, who graced the second ever Roundup back in February 2011. Their latest offering is an emotional pop gem that evokes the feeling of trying to play it cool but still wearing feelings on the sleeve. It's called "White Hearts" and it is the first track from an upcoming new album.