Weekly Roundup: May 13 – 19, 2012

Weekly Roundup comes to you a day early from its regular Sunday slot, but that's because we have something exciting prepared for tomorrow Tuesday. You'll have to return to find out what that is, but in the mean time, dig some great new music.

-On Tuesday, the Canadian sibling duo Holobody will release their debut album, Riverhood. I enjoy the first track "Unfold" a lot. Their sound is hard to define neatly. This particular track has a warm, ambient electronic vibe to it. Layering voice is clearly important to Holobody's sound as well. I know their folk and gospel colors show here and throughout the album: I especially love the cover of the excellent spiritual hymn "Down to the River to Pray," which gradually tweaks and even deconstructs a straightforward performance in an interesting way.

-There's a Brooklyn band called Future of What who will be making their debut with an EP Moonstruck towards the end of June (the 26th). You can check out the lead single "I Wait For You" now in anticipation. The keyboards and synths and the vocals of Blair are the main attraction, perfectly calibrated to that sweet spot in between joy and pain. Will it topple over to melancholy or will its subtle optimism bloom? Why not listen to it a few times to find out?

Baby Dee will be touring this summer in support of her recent album Regifted Light and you should be sure to give a focused listen to the tune "Yapapipi" below. It's a lovely piano song with some other accompaniment of strings, brass, and percussion. It's full of interesting moments and has a quiet elegance as compared to a lot of what we usually feature here. Just a gorgeous song, really.

Baby Dee – Yapapipi

-Sometimes a you like a song because it makes you feel really good almost immediately. I got that sensation listening to "Do You Hear?" by Australian band Cub Scouts. It has a charming melody on both guitar and vocals and a nice driving rhythm; it should hook you pretty damn quick. The video is fun, with the band as inmates on the run from the law. I like the interrogation scenes where each member continues to stoically perform.

-Remember what I just said about the instant emotional connection of music in the Cub Scouts section? Judging from twitter and other blogs, it appears many people are having that with this new single from California Wives called "Marianne." I totally get it, there's just something universally appealing that the band has tapped into with the sound and energy of it. It has a comforting familiarity, yet at the same time doesn't really make me think of anyone else in particular. No official word on their debut album's release date, but I bet a lot of people will be looking forward to it.

-Here's a really cool song from Jesus H. Foxx called "So Much Water." I love the juxtaposition of the male "talking" singing voice with the female actual singing, as well as the great guitar parts that ripple in the verses and spill over into a wonderful wave of a chorus. This Scottish band has created something very awesome and I'm sure their upcoming album Endless Knocking will be worth seeking out.

I've been trying to keep the Roundup a tight, half-dozen new songs each week, but this week I'm breaking my own rule not once but twice. Over the line? Hardly. Mark it eight, dude. Oh, and don't think of these last two songs as "honorable mentions" or anything. All eight are my favorite submissions of the week, but inevitably something has to take spot seven and eight. Anyways…

-Here is another sibling duo called Southern, so named after the brother and sister that make it up, Thom and Lucy Southern. They are from London and their song "Where the Wild Are" is quite awesome. It showcases how their vocals complement each other in a very satisfying way. The acoustic guitar locks into a nice groove with minimal percussion. For any of our overseas readers in the UK, there is going to be a launch party on Monday at the Slaughtered Lamb (what a name for a venue!).

-We're bringing things to a close with School Knights and their rollicking tune "Powerslut." It's infectious and rocks hard. I like how it almost seems to spiral out of control, but manages to keep a hold of itself to pack a rambunctious punch. I bet this would be a fun band to see live. Apparently the opening voicemail is real and was left on one of the band member's girlfriend's phones by a girl who fabricated the whole thing. Jesus, people can be cruel. I am unable to share the video for some reason but do seek it out. In it, the band plays their song, yes, but they also don dresses and wigs to have a girls night. It's crazy.