Weekly Roundup Mar 10 – 16, 2013

It was a slow week for submissions due to SXSW and it's a busy time at Dig HQ, so this Weekly Roundup is going to be real quick, but it's still got some great songs and videos.

I really dig this song/video from NYC-via Sweden artist Elin Ruth called "Bang." It was released to coincide with International Women's Day. As a story of a relationship ending, the track doesn't shy away from the pain, but it works through that to become empowering. The music is steeped in vintage soul, with a strong vocal performance, rich harmonies, and excellent horns. A fitting choice given the subject matter, since a lot of those classic pop songs knew exactly how to toe the line between tragedy and triumph, which Elin does here. I like the implication in the video of the catharsis from the artistic process and how it can help one move forward. I also love the song kicking in right as the egg fries. After about one minute of silence, it completely grabs you.

Other NYC tunes you should check out are the grooving American rock of "House on a Hill" by Jon Patrick Walker (from debut album The Guilty Party) and the intimate, spare "Who Said" by Margaret Glaspy. She's got quite a voice. Look for her If & When EP if you dig.

Had a chance to check out some non-NYC music this week and the standout was Cherokee Red. Besides, Wilkes-Barre isn't all that far from here and I think this group played with friends of the Dig Chase King at Glasslands a few weeks ago (a show we unfortunately missed). Anyways, give a listen to "Vaya Con Dios." I don't think you'll be disappointed. The self-titled debut album is due out April 16th.

Now to catch up with some non-NYC artists we dig. I'm very excited to hear new music from Phil Torres aka Baobab. Second album BAYOHBAHB just came out digitally this past Tuesday and physical copies are available at the end of April. If I can, I'm going to try and do a more extensive review of this exciting work in the future, but for now, please enjoy track "Loh Dalam Bay." I dig its sense of adventure and scope and how it makes my mind wander to interesting places. Much of it is electronic-based, but it all invokes a warm human feeling.

Baobab – Loh Dalam Bay

There's also a great cinematic video of an addictive song from DRGN KING out called "Wild Night"…

…the awesome first single "Fall" from the new Boy + Kite EP We Can Go Anywhere We Want

…and the new track "Butterflies" from Argentine act Los Jardines de Bruselas' album Light and Glow.