Weekly Roundup Jul 7 – 13, 2013

Good morning and happy Monday to you. Here's a new Weekly Roundup to start the week.

Last week, I shared some things I dig about the cool film Velvet Goldmine and the music of its main inspiration David Bowie. You can read to find out my favorite Bowie album and more. My song of the week was "Glitter and Gold" by Little Daylight, who I compared to the Oklahoma City Thunder – it makes sense if you read it – and my show pick was Cultfever at Music Hall of Williamsburg. That's over (and it was awesome) but you can still watch their new video for "Animals." Finally, I posted the third installment of my music of Freaks and Geeks series on Tricks and Treats.

Orly is a musician currently based in NYC, though she hails from Australia. Her latest album Distraction is out now. "Recover" is a track I'm digging. The song addresses the pertinent question of what happens next following a break-up and how exactly you get over someone. I like that the classic pop touches including the harmonies, the syncopated beat, and the piano melody, combined with the vintage look of Orly and her backup singers in the video, help reflect the timelessness of this concept.

I am really into the video for "Goodbye to All That" by Cold Blood Club. It intends to be a love letter to New York City and succeeds. We see a group friends (I believe it's the band members) having a blast on a night that takes them all over town. Sometimes this city drags you down – which the lyrics allude to – but everyone has nights like this that bring you right back up. It's a perfect match for the romantic, nocturnal energy of the song. The verse lines all rise and the rhythm section blends an array of sounds (listen closely for violin) to make you want to dance.

The latest single from You're Always On My Mind by A Great Big Pile of Leaves is "Snack Attack." I know it's been said already, but the Dismemberment Plan comparison for this track is on the mark to me. The guitar tones and rhythmic sensibility have that same delightful mix of being just slightly askew to spark your attention and the powerful dynamics to easily keep it. I'm also a big fan of breakup songs that express a whole range of depth in very simple terms, so "Late at night, you and I never work out quite right," works out quite alright for me.

Orly and A Great Big Pile of Leaves are kind of a pair for their looks at the fallout of relationships, so what better to match with a video about NYC nightlife than a song named "Brunch" for the mornings after? It comes to us from Butchers & Bakers, who are releasing it as a 7" on August 27th. The guitar tones and precise drumming initially grabbed me, and I dig how it crescendos into the "I don't live here, I'm not one of you," chorus and the subsequent crunchy release. Should be a good record to pick up next month.

Joseph Arthur was recently a musical guest on David Letterman. You should watch the clip of him performing "It's Ok to Be Young/Gone," for several reasons. First, the band is backdropped by a cool abstract painting and all wearing outfits and makeup to match. But more than great visuals it has incredible audio, an awesome song amplified by the full band. Not only is it a musical powerhouse when they hit the chorus, it's also a sentiment worth taking to heart: "It's ok to be young, before long you'll be gone." Plus Dave asks his trademark "Is that a rental" about the suit afterwards.

Our final selection this week comes from Ghost Beach with the video for "Moon Over Japan." I have to admit, this one threw me off a little because the very 80s production and style feel outside of my normal listening preferences. But the song is well crafted pop and grew on me. The clincher was the video. The distinctive animation and the captivating story kept me interested. I especially like the way it chose to interpret the "My heart breaks" line of the chorus.