Weekly Roundup Jul 28 – Aug 3, 2013

Welcome to the first Weekly Roundup of August and the true halfway point of summer.

This past week is probably the closest we've come to the new normal here at the Dig. Dave is getting settled out west and starting to crank out the high quality posts you've loved him for in the past. This week he unearthed a fun clip of Elvis on atonality, reviewed the new album from Widower, and shared a great live performance by Bryan John Appleby. I shared some thoughts on hardcore after watching American Hardcore and my song of the week was "Lennon" by Bramzwig. I also recommended some shows that are now over and done with, but if you're looking for lyric videos from Little Daylight and John Brodeur, click here.

Looking for some literate indie rock? Check out Esterhazy, who has singles inspired by The Great Gatsby and James Joyce's Dubliners. "Holland" is the song for the former. I could catch at least a reference to the famed green light, but mostly I was too wrapped up in the music of the track. For awhile it had that lush, ornate, melodic feeling of Grizzly Bear, but by the song's end it has become something more aggressive and jagged. The trick is you don't quite notice it happening until it does.

A song with lyrics that I did grasp right away was "Batman and the Joker" by Dizzy Bats. It uses those two comic book characters to spring off into a variety of other subjects, all coming to us over a rousing Americana backdrop. The harmonies and horns really work for me. There's an acoustic tour in the works that will criss-cross the nation, so look out for the Dizzy Bats in your town.

WRITER is back with a new 7" coming out tomorrow digitally and physically on clear lacquer August 31st via Nineteen98. The a-side "IE" is a big and beautifully messy song. The fuzz is thick, the drums are cavernous, and the brothers Ralph sound very good together. It's like a slowed down garage doo-wop ballad and I dig it. The record will be limited edition, so be sure to get yourself a copy.

Our buddy David Bronson has released yet another video for a song from his album Story. The plan is for every track to have one, which I think is great. I enjoy how they have been wildly different, ranging from animation, solo performances, lyric-driven, and more. This one is for "Us," and it reminds most of "The Turns," for having both David and a couple in it. It does go in a different direction with some interesting choreography between the couple and how they connect and break apart. It's almost like modern dance to me. Whatever your interpretation, it's a good clip of a good song.

Spook Houses are going to be doing a split 7" with Fat History Month and it will be out August 27th. I really like this low key gem "Living The Dream" that kicks off the record. It gives me vibes of 90s lo-fi indie, which is always a good thing in my book. It's a nice melody that isn't showy, you almost don't notice it getting stuck in your head. The lead guitar is squiggly like motion lines in a cartoon. I dig its expressiveness.

The latest single from Big Deal's sophomore album June Gloom is "Dream Machines." The sound definitely feels bigger, especially with the drumming and emphasis on electric guitars, and the video makes it look like there is a full band now. That's cool, and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. The hallmark interplay between Alice and Kacey is here, which is absolutely the heart of this band. The chorus seems to swell to almost epic proportions, which is funny considering the lines "I've been dreaming about dropping out." The band always has a way with simple phrases laden with meaning and in this song, I'm especially struck by "What you want and what you chose, you can't have both."

One last thing, Old Monk plays tonight at Spike Hill with the Fleeting Ends and Dylan Seeger. Doors at 7:30, show at 8:00, and it's free! Check out their newest 8-bit video for "Fowl and Foe." Big fan of this track.

Fowl and Foe from Old Monk on Vimeo.