Weekly Roundup: Jan 1 – 7, 2012

Happy New Year! Weekly Roundup is back after a month off and ready to bring you all the latest new music we've been digging. Here we go!

Whistle Peak is going to release a new album Half Asleep Upon Echo Falls on February 14th. The first single is "Wings Won't Behave." Jangly acoustic guitar and the drums plus tinkling percussion give it a nice groove, punctuated by electric guitar with a bit of a surf tone. When the vocalist comes in, I thought of Grizzly Bear. But instead of polished intricacy and studio wizardry, this sounds like a more relaxed toy chest jam.

Whistle Peak, "Wings Won't Behave" by karatebody

-My knowledge of electro dance music is not that advanced. It basically starts and ends with Daft Punk. Nevertheless, I'm digging this track "Let's Groove" by Teen Daze. I like how it builds up a little bit over the early part of the song before releasing to that moment when you know it's all full-on dance at the club. It does seem to fit a little of that Daft Punk template, with that repetitive vocal sample, but it still feels like a fresh song on its own. And really, who cares if it gets you moving like this one can?

-Like really good free music? Then you should be excited to learn about this new release from Kate Tucker. Starting tomorrow January 9th, you can get her EP Ghost of Something New for free by clicking here. I highly recommend you do. Check out opening track "Revolution" to get a taste. It's beautifully written Americana / folk / singer-songwriter / rock music driven by Kate's strong voice. The shuffling drums seem to mimic the freight (or is it night) train mentioned in the lyrics. "Don't you want to a start a revolution in your heart?" That's a good question.

Kate Tucker – Revolution

As a bonus, you really must watch this video of one Kate's earlier songs, "Where Are You (I Am Already Gone)." It's the kind of simple powerful song that will just stop you cold.

-I remember the first time I heard of Margot & The Nuclear So and So's, I was a bit skeptical about how good they would be based on their clunky name. But they were very good live and they are definitely not a band to dismiss for any reason. They have an album called Rot Gut, Domestic (is that anywhere near Watery?) due March 20th. Lead single "Prozac Rock" rocks pretty hard. The edgy churning guitars of the verse give way to a huge chorus that is quite infectious. Check out their website to order it on limited edition 7-inch.

Prozac Rock by MargotCloud

Innobushu is certainly an odd name as well, but I am undeniably captivated by the music on the upcoming Distraction EP. It's a mixture of electronic and hip hop, in that realm where I really don't know much of what I'm talking about as I mentioned above. Lead track "Hello Jaco" doesn't strike me as something that demands you dance to it – though I'm sure you could – and feels more like the soundtrack to exploring a brand new world, one easy to get lost in. Space, underwater, dreams. I'm digging it.

-This week, we are catching up with DRGN KING. They are preparing a new album and have released an advance track in anticipation, called "Barbarians." It's a moody track that's a little bit sinister, a little bit funky and a whole lot rocking. Check it out.

That concludes our regularly scheduled Roundup – what do you think of the new graphics, by the way? Still might be up for revision, but wanted to try something new. Speaking of new, we are going to start doing a "Bonus Round" for songs that don't make it here but still seem worth hearing. Look for that this week. Leave a comment about your favorite songs, but don't leave just yet because…

We took a month off but in that time, there was still some great music sent our way. I'm going to share some quick hits of the highlights over the next few weeks. Think of this as a sort of "Holiday Leftovers." The good kind of leftovers. You know what I'm talking about. Let's see, this week we have:

-Amazing indie rock from Anna Bradley. The tune is "Lighthouse" and it's awesome.

-The catchy lead single from the new album Ghostory by School of Seven Bells, "The Night."

School of Seven Bells – The Night by Vagrant Records

Some delightful Italian indie pop from The R's, with "Call of the Ice."

Call Of The Ice by The R's by Nat Geo Music

-The very clever and interesting music video for "ND Passerby" by Late Cambrian. The background anthem is a great song on its own too.


– Finally, another single from the forthcoming album by Band of Skulls, "Sweet Sour." This one of those times where you call it "rawk".

Sweet Sour by Band of Skulls