Weekly Roundup: Jan 1 – 7, 2012 – BONUS ROUND

Each week, we receive a ton of great music from bands, labels, PR people, and more. We do our best to listen to everything and share our favorites in our Weekly Roundup posts. But oftentimes, there is simply too much music to include (though I've certainly tried). While planning some changes for the new year, we realized it could be a good idea to add periodic "bonus" roundups to let even more be heard. We're happy to kick that off right now!

-Here's a young rapper named KJ Hines throwing down his original rhymes over the instrumental track of "Celebrate" by Common. It's called "Pray."

KJ Hines – Pray (Prod. by A of Launchpad) by KJHinesOfficial

-On the one hand, I thought this song came out a year ago; on the other, I don't mind sharing it because it's really great. From Way Yes, it's "Important," another cool example of their trademark "indie meets world" style.

Way Yes – Important

-"No Application" by Silverclub is a catchy dance-rock number in the vein of Franz Ferdinand.

"No Application" – Silverclub by PlanetaryOnlinePR

The Minor Leagues are a Cincinnati band that makes some delightful indie pop, filled with strong melody and lyrics. Check out "Ghost Maps" from the forthcoming North College Hill.

-I enjoyed the retro vibe of this hip hop song & video (fish-eye lens!) from Self Taught called, appropriately enough, "Self Taught Life."

-It's not everyday you hear a group of teenagers with legit hard rock chops, but that's what you get with Stellar Sons & Daughters. A song like "Weird Planet" proves you're never to young to rock.

Weird Planet by Stellar Sons & Daughters

-We've featured the music of Two Suns a few times in the past and now here's the latest single. It's called "Eyes to Hope," and its on an album called Dream Familiar, which will be released one track at a time for ten weeks until March 7th. You can get all the latest releases at the bandcamp page.

-And we'll close the bonus round with the latest from Damien Fairchild's For All the Girls project, a song called "Valerie."

Valerie by DamienFairchild