Weekly Roundup Feb 3 – 9, 2013

It's been a little while since the last Weekly Roundup due to computer issues, but we are back this week with some great songs and videos for you all to enjoy, so dig in.

A few days ago, I shared the latest track from one of my favorite NYC bands The Great American Novel. In that post, I mentioned how they are part of the Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen collective. Today, I have another act that has benefited from the magic of that Oliver Ignatius feeling: Goodman, so named after its main songwriter/instrumentalist Michael Goodman. The album What We Want was released a few months ago and it is full of power pop gems. Check out the super catchy lead track "Night Person," which demonstrates Michael's strengths as a writer of both word and sound. 

LVL Up is a band with a new 7" record coming out April 6th on Double Double Whammy and in advance of that, this great song "Graveyard" is available. It's got a timeless sound to me, like it could have come out yesterday or 20 years ago. I dig how it has a roughness to it from the fuzz of the guitar and bass, the crashes of the drums, and the way the vocals are a little bit low in the mix, but also how all that doesn't totally mask the charm of the tune. Cool stuff.

MS MR is a NYC duo who will be releasing their debut album Second Hand Rapture on May 14th. They have just released their first video, it's for their track "Fantasy." It's got a diner and glitter vomit, so you know it's worth checking out. The song is driven by different layering of Lizzy (the MS of the pair) voice and an electro-pop backing track, on which I probably like the drumming most. 

Another group with a debut of sorts is Little Daylight. This trio, who is from New York I think, has been remixing other bands songs to great effect, including Passion Pit and The Mowglis. They have just now dropped their first original composish called "Overdose," plus a new video for the track. The video matches the song well: nocturnal, cinematic, and involving a party. The song is poised to be a big pop hit, since it's big, emotional, and good for dancing and Little Daylight already seems to be blowing up, so check them out now as they rise. Oh, and shouts to the cool LD branding on their tumblr page for each of their remixes. 

Now to catch up with some non-NYC, previously on the Dig acts. First, our favorite Italian psych act Dumbo Gets Mad just released their second album Quantum Leap on the great label Bad Panda Records this past Tuesday. It's really good. You can buy it here or here.

Going to be quick from here on out due to the aforementioned computer issues. Here's a new track from Austin's Aimee Bobruk called "A Day In The Life," and it's quite delightful.

Our buddy e-dubble is excellent and inspiring as usual on his latest track, "Plan A."

We've shared the video for this track "I Love Lamp" from RDGLDGRN last year, but the song is awesome, it is being re-released on a new EP, AND I just found out that Dave Grohl is now drumming on it and the rest of the songs on the upcoming EP. So here it is again, just as diggable as before.

Closing out with a pair of new videos for tracks that have been on the blog, starting with the amazing song "Can't You See" by Steffaloo. Like the song, it's stark and intimate, just a black & white close up of Stef performing. Power.

This clip from The Rest for "Always On My Mind," has some surreal touches with the people in the animal costumes, but it serves the epic track pretty well.