Weekly Roundup: Aug 7 – 13, 2011

It's time once again for Weekly Roundup, check it out!

-Let's return to Australia for some more great music, this time from a band Rackets and Fives. I dig their slow-burning track "London Town," and its elements of classic rock (a la Neil Young) and folk/bluegrass, with the fiddling and acoustic guitar. Listen below and click the link to get their debut album Roslyn.

Red Eye Fugu is the moniker for the electro-pop solo project of Enzo Tiano, and I find his track "Night Runner" quite catchy. It's from an album called Watchers that will be released 9/10/11. I like the track's progression from dreamy to funky – though both aspects are present the entire time and shade each other.

-I have been digging the 90s indie/alternative revival that has been gaining steam this year. It continues with another great example, from Austin's Boy + Kite. This track "Think in Stereo" hooked me immediately with the guitar tone and never let up. I'm excited for their debut Go Fly. Their website is here.

Boy + Kite – Think In Stereo by fanaticpro

The band COYOL is in the midst of releasing an EP one track at a time, and the latest track, "Mexican Photographs" has caught my attention. It's a rollicking number driven by the strong vocal performances of members Celeigh and John, alternating or harmonizing as the song carries on. Have a listen, then you can check out their bandcamp page.

Mexican Photographs – COYOL by INDIGENOUSPromotions

-Here's a video for the song "Hip Hop & Love" by Murs and Tabi Bonney. What I like most about this is how each rapper references listening to different hip hop artists (like A Tribe Called Quest, Outkast, and many more) in association with different women. It's a neat device. I'm sure most of you have tons of songs and artists that trigger a range of romantic memories.

-A few months ago, I included a tune from Jordan Bolton in the Roundup and I'm happy to now share some more from this talented young artist. He released a pair of tracks that find him sounding even more accomplished. They are "Duluoz Nights" and "City Daze." Aside from the drumming, he performs everything. I dig the nocturnal feel of each and how they take you on a journey. I also like the way he layers his voice.

Duluoz Nights by Jordan Bolton

City Daze by Jordan Bolton