Weekly Roundup Aug 11 – 17, 2013

Apologies for the delay in this latest Weekly Roundup post, but I was hosting a good friend over the weekend. Here now is a very quick batch of songs and videos, plus shows to check out this week.

I usually like to write a little about the songs and shows. Not going to do that this week because I'm just too pressed for time. Just know I think everything below is good and worth listening to and or checking out live as the case might be. Let's start with 6 new songs & videos:

Heavenly Beat – Complete

The Meaning of Life – Laura V.

"Laura V." by The Meaning Of Life (presented by BreakThruTV) from BTRtv /// BreakThru Radio on Vimeo.

Ryan Martin – New York Women

Escort – Cabaret

We Are the Wilderness – Leading from Emptiness

Desert Stars – Farewell Decade


And now, show picks for the week:

Wednesday August 21st

Thursday August 22nd

Friday August 23rd

Saturday August 24th