Weekly Roundup: Apr 3 – 9, 2011

It's time for the Weekly Roundup. Read on for some of our latest digs!

The "news" aspect of this feature has evolved into a sort of Google Reader of music-related things I found interesting, and there wasn't much this past week. The main thing I'd like to relay, which most of you probably already know, is that the Beastie Boys have released some new music ("Make Some Noise") and a trailer for a new short film that features basically every actor ever. It's all part of the buildup to May 3 when their newest album Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 comes out.


Some tunes we dug this past week:

We Can't Enjoy Ourselves have shared a new track from their forthcoming album All the Pros Know How to Pose (due sometime in summer 2011). The song is called "Stop Moving" and I think it makes it clear the band is getting even better. They sound a little tighter and the music feels a bit more expansive. Things start with an energy and tone reminiscent of Vampire Weekend, but as I've said before, this is not a band that comes across as derivative. When I listen, I hear touchstones of other great indie rock bands, while at the same time recognizing this is a group finding themselves and their own unique voice. I continue to enjoy this band and I hope you do too.


-Here is a beautiful and evocative song for a contemplative Sunday afternoon. Take the time to experience this one for its full, near 7 minute run with no distractions. I promise it will be worth it. The track comes to us via the good folks at Bad Panda records, a creative commons label that has been a big source for me this year for great new & eclectic music. The artist here is K-Conjog and his track "Uno Is Walking" is just gorgeous. It combines natural sounds (the rain), with strings (that feel both eastern and western at different times), piano, and more. It seems like it could have came from a film score. Have a listen and let it soundtrack the movies in your head.

K-Conjog – Uno Is Walking (Click will take you to Bad Panda Records for download/stream)

-If you are feeling like I am lately, you will welcome a double shot of evocative, electronic music, which I am happy to provide. This new track from Apparat, "Ash / Black Veil" came out this week and is worth checking out. While similar in some ways to "Uno Is Walking," the difference is that this song has vocals and more a conventional pop song structure. And a little more energy that propels the yearning of the music. Though I can't ever imagine it coming from the band, there are things about it that remind me a lot of Radiohead. The album comes out this summer on Mute Records. Check out the song below. Also, I'm setting the over/under of TV show episodes the song will appear in at 3.5.

Apparat – Ash/Black Veil by Mute UK