Weekly Roundup Apr 28 – May 4, 2013

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Hope everyone has had a good weekend thus far. Here's the latest Weekly Roundup for your listening pleasure.

It was an exciting week here at the Dig. We premiered two music videos: "All Hail the One That Got Away" by Tuff Sunshine and "Show You Mine" by Jamie Block. As a bonus, we interviewed Tuff Sunshine in association with their video and Jamie gave us a really cool guest post called "How We Listen" in association with his. If that wasn't enough videos for you, we also shared "Magdalene Street" by Baobab. Plus, I reviewed the great new album Say What You Mean by Allison Weiss.

If you're looking for a film recommendation, I saw Trance the other day and really dug it. It's a psychological thriller based around an art heist and hypnotherapy. It's quite twisty. Danny Boyle brings his usual distinct visual style and interesting music choices. The acting is very good; I'm convinced Vincent Cassel would make an excellent Bond villain.

Here are some of my favorite tracks and videos from the past week, starting with a trifecta of NYC discoveries that all contained brilliant personal insights.

First, there's "Silent Kinda Night" by Sam Marine & County. It's a hushed folk country tune with this chorus "Talk circles around each other without saying anything. Think of what we'll say next, not really listening." Damn. I know I have a problem with this sometimes. You should check out the entire album Lacktown.

Another country-ish tune, one that leans a little bit more into psych, also with provocative lyrics is "I've Got Time" by Money and King. The whole idea of having time to do things, whether cleaning or saying goodbye or reading or whatever else, comes across two ways here. One, maybe we do, and we can't worry about what we can't control. But, as pleasant as the tune is, maybe it's a reminder that you can't count on it, that if you always think you have time, you may never get around to doing things. The best thing to do is draw on both sides. Either way, it's a great song. Check out the album Across the Cul-De-Sac and see them live at Mercury Lounge 5/12.

It's funny how I was thinking about all this stuff about time and what can be accomplished, maybe feeling a little anxious. Then all of a sudden, I got to hear "Take Control" by Layers and Frames, which first got me with its very nice groove. Then, you listen and hear the song encourage you to "Take control of your subconscious mind" and that "You've got the power and you've got the right to define the course of your life." Cool. This is actually an artist in France who will be in NYC this summer. Hopefully there will be some shows, but at least check out Infinite Release.

And now, an NYC band we've featured before with a new album out: Late Cambrian. They put out Peach this past Tuesday and if you just start with opening track "Lover's Point," you'll want to keep right on going. It's got a really kicking guitar riff but also a pop sensibility in the keyboard textures and vocal melodies that make a delightful cocktail of the energetic and the smooth.

Briefly, you should check out Sioux Lion next week at Glasslands on 5/13 and listen to their new single "Pause For Your Love."

Checking in with some non-NYC artists we dig, here is the new video from Lady Lazarus for "Gleam." It makes use of what seems to be old video footage shot out of a moving car, abstracting it and into a dreamlike journey that works very well with the song. If you didn't know, I really like this album.

Finally, Kris Orlowski, the talented Seattle musicians who has graced our pages a few times, is involved with a Postal Service 10 Year Celebration tribute album. He does a cover of "Such Great Heights" that is a bit more in line with the Iron & Wine cover, perhaps at least vocally, but definitely presents a new take on it by creating a more dynamic and sweeping musical backdrop. It really works for me.