Weekly Roundup: Apr 1 – 7, 2012

Hope everyone had a happy Easter, Passover, or just enjoyed a nice Sunday. As the week kicks off, have a listen to these cool new songs courtesy of the latest Weekly Roundup.

Writer is a duo of brothers with a much bigger sound than that size might imply. It's a glorious noise really, that big, loud, lo-fi indie rock sound with alluring rough edges over a warm core. The song "Family Dinner" was just released on 7-inch record last week and you can check out the video for it below. It's ostensibly a party, depicted through a collage-like approach that mixes together a variety of scenes (food, people brushing their teeth, drinking) and styles, like stop-motion and film in reverse. They'll be opening for Margot and the Nuclear So and So's this month, check their website for dates.

-I'm not sure I've ever encountered it as a cuisine, but Italian Japanese is a band with tasty new tune called "NYC." It's supposed to be in part an imagining of what it would be like to be partnered with a female bank robber on a Bonnie & Clyde-esque spree around the city. Even though it's about the place I currently call home, musically, it's a rocker that makes me think of the beach. The loud guitars and the beat crash like waves and the melodies are quite sunny. I'm digging it.

Circle is a band from Australia who recently released their debut studio album The Middle. The single "Fashion Me A Drum" is pretty great. It pairs a nice set of male & female vocals over a smooth electronic rock foundation. It's driving, yearning and nocturnal; the chill wistfulness is good for contemplation but there's enough rhythmic pulse from the drums, synths, and guitars you could dance to it as well. The lyrics are pretty striking too.

The District Attorneys – or the D.A.'s – is a Georgia band with a new record called Slowburner due out April 24th. I love that title because, for one thing, I relate to it. For another, I love music that takes time to grow on you, that reveals its depths and nuance slowly. I'm not sure the album will necessarily act that way, though, because single "Confusion of Trust" is a clear stunner right off the first listen. It's a classic pop song, a nice chord progression and an indelible melody with a retro vibe but a timeless sincerity.

-No one ever has to twist my arm to kick it 90s style, so I am more than happy to bring you the latest from Brooklyn's Beast Make Bomb – a searing cover of "Flagpole Sitta" by Harvey Danger. It's pretty faithful, though I would say probably a little louder and loose. Another distinction is that the singer of Beast Make Bomb is a woman, Ceci Gomez, but she definitely owns this one. This band has my attention, I'm looking forward to their upcoming EP. NYC people can check out the band at the Knitting Factory next week (4/18) or Mercury Lounge next month (5/13)

-Closing it out with a lovely song from Chicago act The Great American Canyon Band. Their song "Burn," is a spare, beautiful ballad that takes its time filling in between the lines of harmony with colors of percussion, guitar, and ambience. It's the b-side to their 7-inch record "Tumbleweed," which goes to show you how strong that release is. This is self-recorded and highlights the powerful connection between the husband & wife Paul and Krystal Jean Masson. Gut-level music right here. They'll be doing a Daytrotter Session soon, so keep your ears open for that one.