We Say Go featuring Debbie Molko

I mentioned I haven't posted much on hip hop, thought at least I listen to it with some regularity. Electro dance music is admittedly not part of my regular listening tendencies, but this track "Somebody" from the Brazilian duo We Say Go with vocalist Debbie Molko simply cannot be denied. Get ready to kick your Wednesday into another gear!

Somebody (feat. Debbie Molko) by We Say Go

This is absolutely a song meant to get you on the floor busting moves. The allure of a wild a night out oozes from Debbie Molko's words and tone, and the groove of the music is captivating. Yet there is still something restrained about it. Like someone with genuine sex appeal who would catch your eye at a club where this song plays, it sounds confident enough in its ability to hook you without having to bludgeon the senses and take things over the top like most club jams – or club goers – often do. I think "Somebody" has immense crossover potential. It has South American cool, but it is easy to envision this becoming a staple at parties and clubs worldwide, from LA to London, from Milan to Minsk, from Sydney to Siberia and everywhere in between. And much like Daft Punk, this is dance music with enough shades of rock and pop to reach other scenes.

In the middle of winter in snowy Erie, PA, this Brazilian stunner definitely warms me up. I think you'll dig it too.