VU Power Rankings

Alright, people, it's list time. After each week of Velvet Underground month, I'm going to present my ranking of the band's songs. Since this sort of thing can get contentious, here's my disclaimer: this is totally subjective and my opinion. It doesn't reflect empirical best, just what I like best. Also, it could very well change. Ok? Here goes…

After The Velvet Underground & Nico, I rank the Velvet Underground's songs as follows:

"Possible Skip" Tier

11. European Son: Something had to be at the bottom of the list. This was it for me.

"Kinda Cool But Far From Essential" Tier

10. There She Goes Again: Perhaps it's because it follows "Heroin," but this song always comes off as slight.

9. Venus in Furs: A great creepy atmosphere. A little too creepy to truly love, though.

8. The Black Angel's Death Song: I dig the mood / tone, but its elusiveness makes it less memorable.

"Damn Good" Tier

7. Sunday Morning: A gorgeous song. So gorgeous it had to fall here, as it feels a little too dissimilar from everything else.

6. I'll Be Your Mirror: For the incredible lyrics alone.

5. I'm Waiting For The Man: That pounding piano and the vivid portrayal of buying – and using – drugs make this a great introduction to the band.

4. Femme Fatale: My favorite example of the Velvet Underground putting their own unique stamp on the pop song.

3. Run Run Run: This cautionary urban tale beautifully balances blues and noise.

"Absolute Classic" Tier

2. Heroin: An unbelievably great song that only the Velvet Underground could have made. It was a near impossible choice separating the top two.

1. All Tomorrow's Parties: This has the edge because of shared personal experiences associated with it. Like "Heroin," it's a great distillation of what makes The Velvet Underground & Nico the revered opus that it is.

Agree with my list? Disagree? Let me know what you think!