VU Power Rankings Week 3

Three albums to rank starts to get tough, I must admit. But I have a list of the Velvet Underground's songs in order of preference. Read on to check it out, but first here is my disclaimer once again: this is totally subjective and my opinion. It doesn't reflect empirical best, just what I like best. Also, it could very well change. Ok? Here goes…

After The Velvet Underground, I rank the Velvet Underground's songs as follows:

*Notes: This week, I'm ditching the tiers. Like last time, I will make notes for new additions and changes, but maybe not anything else.

27. European Son (LW 17)

26. I Heard Her Call My Name (LW 16)

25. There She Goes Again (LW 15)

24. That's the Story of My Life (NEW) So brief it's hard to notice, but the solo is very enjoyable.

23. Lady Godiva's Operation (LW 14)

22. The Murder Mystery (NEW) Definitely one of the VU's edgiest, most experimental songs. An interesting listen for the bombardment of words as sound, but might run a little too long

21. I'm Set Free (NEW) I like the way this one builds over its duration

20. Venus in Furs (LW 13)

19. The Gift (LW 12)

18. Jesus (NEW) The religious overtones are surprising, though I really like the quiet interplay of the guitar and bass

17. Candy Says (NEW) Another tune with some languid, nuanced tone that I appreciate

16. Beginning to See the Light (NEW) Though a little repetitive musically, I can get behind the optimism of the message and the energy of its delivery

15. The Black Angel's Death Song (LW 11)

14. After Hours (NEW) So unlike everything else in the band's catalog, but impossible not to find charming

13. Here She Comes Now (LW 10)

12. Sunday Morning (LW 9)

11. I'll Be Your Mirror (LW 8) Wow, this is now out of the top ten!

10. Some Kinda Love (NEW) As I mentioned in my review, this sounds to me like Stephen Malkmus doing a Rolling Stones song, and I dig that combination. Put jelly on your shoulder, babe.

9. What Goes On (NEW) Excellent rhythm guitar and organ, such a good groove the whole way through.

8. I'm Waiting For the Man (LW 7)

7. Run Run Run (LW 6)

6. Sister Ray (LW 5)

5. Femme Fatale (LW 4)

4. Pale Blue Eyes (NEW) The classic of The Velvet Underground and my favorite down tempo song by the band. Maybe rated too low, it's basically a microscopic difference between this and #3. Hard to distinguish polar opposites!

3. White Light / White Heat (LW 3)

2. Heroin (LW 2)

1. All Tomorrow's Parties (LW 1)

I like the list, but I can't look at it without thinking I should change a few things around. What do you think? How would you rank these songs? What are your favorites, what is inessential? What looks good about my list, what looks crazy? Let me know!