Vikesh Kapoor: I Dreamt Blues

Vikesh Kapoor is set to release his debut album in the growing family of the Portland based Mama Bird Recording Co. this October 15th. It will be entitled The Ballad of Willy Robbins. Drawing inspiration from his family roots in rural Pennsylvania, Vikesh Kapoor writes material which centralizes around the hardship of the working class American, but expressed through the character study of Willy Robbins. In other words, the character is the vehicle for his compositions and stories. In this way Vikesh Kapoor is continuing the tradition of American troubadours like Woody Guthrie and Tom Waits.

In the single I Dreamt Blues, Vikesh paints the picture of a seemingly endless work cycle and the feelings of apathy or insignificance in the face of great power which can accompany that lifestyle. His lyrics are poignant, beautifully written, and should give you pause for repose when considered. Take for instance his middle verses:

The dull in the television dream distracts me, after work what do I got left to believe? My soul's replaced by machines, I am static in the evening and back at it by morning.

No I don't catch the politics the sport of the presidents non of these days, news do stick I'll admit I'm apathetic. Does my word matter anyway? War or not, work's enough each day.

I Dreamt Blues feels like a funeral dirge for the working class. With a sharp pen, stentorian voice, and admirable instrumental capacity Vikesh Kapoor captures the listener and pulls them in close for an honest and intimate musical experience. If this is indication of what is to come for Mr. Kapoor than I am excited not only for the full release of the album on October 15th, but moreover, the long term development of what looks like a very talented and young songwriter just gaining a platform for a larger audience.

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