Video Roundup

Good morning, Dig Nation. After a little vacation, I am back and ready to blog again. Thanks to Dave for keeping TWD going strong (and have you heard he's moving to Portland? Help him make a playlist here). This morning, I have some videos of great songs we've shared in the past.

Japanther's "Stolen Flowers" is a quick burst of fuzzy garage action. The video offers kaleidoscopic, computer-generated floral imagery as the band plays and one lady dances. Their newest album Eat Like Lisa Act Like Bart is out now and it's great.

Ok, so we didn't share this exact track from Dead Stars, but "Fractured" is too good not to share. It's got that mix of crunch and melody I find so attractive in rock songs. The video employs rapid editing to capture the energy of the song, juxtaposing images of the band playing, the band hanging out, and a little bit of found footage. And be sure to check out their recently released High Gain EP.

And as an added bonus, here is the band on BreakThru Radio's Serious Business.

Isle of Rhodes has released a cool video for the song "Shoulders." The track is one that gets more and more powerful as it builds and that goes for both the music and the lyrics. The video is split into two stories: one is the band performing and the other is a performance at a playground with a dancer and a chalk-outline keyboardist.

Awhile back, we shared the wonderful song "Happiness" by the musician I Am Bart(ek). I was drawn to it for how it takes expressive yet simple guitar and makes something so evocative. Here is a video using that song for International Dance Day, as performed by two Guatemalans in lovely black and white.