VHSession #1 Andrew Combs: Part Time Lovers (Full Time Fools)

It looks as though friend of the Dig Jonny Fritz has decided to dig up some of archived VHS performance footage of his Nashville cohorts and publish it on a YouTube video blog he is calling VHSessions. This decidedly lo-fi venture comes with a heavy does of sentimentality and candor, but does not lack in musical quality. To my eye, this footage looks less like a marketing strategy and more like a time capsule which has recently been opened only to discover that there was and is worth still on that tape. 

The first installment of the series features Andrew Combs in a recording of Part Time Lovers (Full Time Fools). It was recorded by Jonny Fritz in 1989 in Nashville, TN and the song was written by Andrew Combs with Jabe Beyer. I love the easy country phrasing Combs shapes his melodies with and his lyrical ability to deal in platitudes without loosing a feeling of first hand experience or authenticity. This is a beautiful song beautifully performed, and I have to laugh when I imagine Jonny perched on the other side of the presumably massive camera.

Give it a listen and then hop on over to the VHSessions channel for more. Weird Thought Thinker from Joshua Hedley is a wonderful follow up and is not to be missed. You dig?