Valentine's Day 2012: For the Couples

If my Facebook and Twitter feeds are to be believed, Valentine's Day is a divisive holiday, split down the line between those who are in a relationship and those who are not. I'm doing two posts today, one for each group. This one goes out to all the couples and people in love.

Town Hall is a Brooklyn band that we have featured a few times recently because they're very good. They kicked off the year with a cool new EP and have released several cover performance videos. Their latest comes right … wait for it … on time for Valentine's Day, a plaintive and beautiful folk take on "Always On Time" by Ja Rule and Ashanti. Finally we have a chance to hear it as the haunting ballad Ja Rule originally intended. I like that the band chose to switch up the gender roles, with mandolin player Stefan taking on Ashanti's hook and singer Phoebe putting on the proverbial do rag to throw down Ja's rhymes. What I love most about this, though, is how it makes lyrics clearer that I hadn't noticed in the original version. For instance, one line references a "Dear Ja" letter. Brilliant! No wonder these two made about 800 songs together during the first half of the 2000s.

So for all you lovers out there, find that special someone and let Town Hall set the mood. Happy Valentine's! MUR-DAH!

And stay tuned, single readers, I have something even better for you coming up in a few hours.