Ungrateful Little Father

Broken Social Scene – Ungrateful Little Father


I've been enamored with Broken Social Scene's Forgiveness Rock Record lately. I'm hesitant to say that "Ungrateful Little Father" is the stand-out track, but it's certainly the one that embodies BSS's spirit and style. I love the up songs on BSS records because the passion and jubilance is so tangible. You can just imagine a mass of good looking, talented, Canadian hipsters having a great time jamming together on a stage while high-fiving.

Kevin Drew's melodic decisions really fascinate me. He seems to establish a standard melody without ever truly sticking to it. Listen for the slight variations in nearly every line he sings. It's a maddeningly effective style. You can be singing along to a line waiting for him to throw his voice to falsetto at the last word, only to hear a drowning, heartfelt baritone instead. But you don't care, do you?