TWD Presents Recap January 2013 Union Hall

Last month on January 18th, we put on our second Those Who Dig showcase. It was at Union Hall and featured three Brooklyn bands we dig: Los Encantados, Chase King, and The Soft Collapse. It was awesome. Check out our recap, complete with photos.

As you view the slideshow, check out the bands' music. The night started off strong with The Soft Collapse. The core trio of Ryan, Rob, and Dave was joined by two other friends and played a great set of songs. Their most recent release is the Dancing on Ledges EP, which includes the song "No One Prepared Me." You can like them on Facebook via the link above and follow them on Twitter here.

Next up was Chase King and his band. They unfortunately had to deal with some sound issues, but they handled it like the pros they are and still did an amazing performance. Each time I see these guys, it feels like they are even tighter. If you haven't checked out South Tropical Trail, do so. Here's a song from it called "Bed of Lies." Follow the link above for Facebook and be sure to check out Chase's record label home Wonderland Archives.

Grand Resort unfortunately had to cancel due to illness, but the previous two bands plus the final act of the night Los Encantados were more than enough to make the evening memorable. This five piece band always brings it. Their EP series Same Damn Soul is awesome and many of the songs from the three releases were featured throughout the set. Check out "Maritime" from Volume 1 below. Los Encantados is a great live band, full of energy. Go see them. Their website is here and you can follow them on Twitter here.

It was quite spectacular all around. Thanks to Union Hall for having us, to the bands for playing, and especially to everyone who came out. Dave is kicking off the TWD Presents series in Baltimore this Friday with a true extravaganza, the Home Brew Hullabaloo. We'll be back for a new NYC show in March at Muchmore's, much more (see what I did there?) details coming soon. In the meantime, you can purchase the gig poster from this show or the first one here.

Photos are below. It was my first time shooting a rock show. Can't speak to their quality, but I had fun doing it. Hope you dig them.